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In addition to Max Verstappen’s victory, the major crash of Sebastian Vettel and Mick Schumacher just before the end was the topic of conversation after the first Miami Grand Prix. Both drivers commented on the scene immediately after the race.

It has been so good for a long time. Both Sebastian Vettel on Aston Martin and Mick Schumacher on Haas fought for points and fought various duels with Esteban Ocon, Kevin Magnussen and teammates for many laps.

Shortly before the end, however, the worst case scenario occurred from the German point of view. Vettel and Schumacher collide and fall far behind. Both must return to the pits, for Vettel the race even ended prematurely. In the end, there is nothing countable for either Heppenheimer or Schumacher. The son of F1 legend Michael Schumacher must therefore continue to wait for the first championship point of his career.

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Max Verstappen takes his first victory in Miami ahead of Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sain. Mick Schumacher and Sebastian Vettel clash just before the end of the race as they lay in a promising position (video length: 11:14 min.).

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Mick Schumacher looks for mistakes in himself

After the race, both drivers, who are friends, immediately Sky Position of the microphone relative to the incident.

Schumacher: “If you look at it that way, I could have done more to pass. It’s a shame. It’s a shame for both of us. I’ll definitely talk to him about it. I’ll listen to his point of view and then he’ll go to Barcelona,” the 24-year-old he seems far from angry with his more experienced compatriot. On the contrary: he also seeks the guilt in himself.

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Mick Schumacher crashes with Sebastian Vettel just before the end of the race and is shocked, but he can still look back on a good weekend (video length: 1:51 min.).

Vettel: “I’m sorry”

It’s similar with Vettel, who clearly takes the blame for his hat. “It’s really silly for both of us. I’m sorry we’re both out. I thought I had the curve and I was ahead. I didn’t expect that and when I saw it it was too late. I have to look again, but obviously it’s bitter for both of us. . I haven’t been able to talk to him yet. I tried to find him but he wasn’t there yet. “

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Sebastian Vettel apologizes after the accident with Mick Schumacher (video length: 57 seconds).

Ralf Schumacher blames Vettel

In error analysis Sky Expert Ralf Schumacher is clearly on Vettel’s side. According to Schumacher, the Heppenheimer should have left room. “Mick can’t just vanish into thin air. Sebastian has to look in the mirror.” For Mick’s overtaking attempt, the Sky Expert understanding, even though the driver should have designed it slightly differently: “Mick has to try it there. But you can see he hesitates a bit. He may not have had to do it at all, because he could have had the curve to … brake a bit. little later. “

And again: “What remains is that they both get along very well and that Sebastian has confirmed once again that he was not expecting him. If he had seen him, he would surely have given him space. It would have been nice, if Mick and Sebastian were finished. in the points area “.

Vote for the accident between Vettel and Schumacher

The two drivers will then have the next opportunity to do it in two weeks at the Spanish GP in Barcelona – as usual LIVE on Sky Sport F1 (to the program).

UPDATE: After the race, the incident was examined by the race control and examined whether there was any criminal behavior on the part of Vettel. In the night (German time) then the decision: “No further action” – therefore no punishment for the Heppenheimer.

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