Ford in Saarlouis: 5,000 employees tremble before the Regional decision

Saarlouis – The decision at the company’s American headquarters has probably already been made. A business meeting will take place this Wednesday at the Saarlouiser Ford plant.

The big nail-eater: will Saarlouis or the Spanish plant in Valencia win the contract for the planned construction of the electric car? Both locations competed against each other in a so-called bidding process, which was heavily criticized by the Saarlouis works council (reported by BILD).

It is still unclear whether the decision will be announced on Wednesday or Thursday. One thing is certain: this is the future of some 5,000 jobs in the Saarland. There are also around 1,500 supplier jobs.

Economy Minister Jürgen Barke (59, SPD) said he was prepared in case Ford decides against Saarlouis. “According to all we know, we are clearly ahead economically with this position,” he said recently, but he was optimistic.

According to “SR”, the Saarland, together with the federal government and the Federal Employment Agency, have put on the table a package that goes to the limits of what is economically reasonable for the state.

Ford Europe boss Stuart Rowley (55) has already announced to the workforce that they are actively seeking future opportunities for the losing location. The Saarlouis and Valencia plants could also be of interest to other industrial companies.

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