For you and your neighbors: powerful power bank with automatic start aid and air compressor from Lidl


With the Autohilfe Ultimate Speed, Lidl offers a kind of Swiss Army knife for drivers. The device is a power bank and car jump starter in one and even inflates the tires.

Lidl now has a versatile power bank with quick start function. (Source: Lidl)

  • Lidl has a powerful power bank on offer online.
  • Instead of the normal price, Lidl sells the universal jump starter 12 percent cheaper, at 69.99 euros.
  • The device combines power bank, LED lamp, jump starter and compressor (including compressed air hose) in one tool.

You can of course call ADAC if you or someone in your neighborhood is having trouble again. You can of course push your e-bike or bicycle to the nearest gas station if you have a flat tire. Or take some precautions, shop a universal device like the Ultimate Speed ​​Autohilfe and be the needy savior in the whole neighborhood from now on.

Jump start and power bank from Lidl

The multifunctional tool should not only be used in acute emergencies. After all, it is primarily a powerful power bank. The lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 14 amper hours / 44.8 watt hours has two USB outputs with a total output current of three amperes. You can use it to charge everything from smartphones to notebooks. The built-in LED flashlight ensures you find your gadgets to charge even in the dark. This means that the power bank is also ideal for camping holidays.

Not suitable for some diesel engines

The battery power is also sufficient to give new life to flat car batteries for a short time, until the alternator resumes this work after a successful start-up process. A car connection cable is included. Note that the manufacturer specifies the travel limits here. The starting aid is therefore suitable for petrol engines with a displacement of up to 3.5 liters. However, it may be tight for diesel vehicles with an empty starter battery. Here the maximum displacement must not exceed 2.2 liters.

to Lidl online 69.99 euros*


The integrated compressor is also very practical. With the help of the three supplied accessories, you can inflate everything from car tires to basketballs to armbands. With the buttons it is possible to preselect the desired pressure (maximum 3.5 bar) and the system switches off automatically as soon as this is reached.

price and availability

You can now purchase the Ultimate Speed ​​Autostart Help in the Lidl Online Shop for EUR 69.99. We summarize other Lidl offers that are worth a closer look here.

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