For the first time since the beginning of March: Diesel even cheaper than E10

For the first time since early March
Diesel even cheaper than E10

After the war in Ukraine, fuel prices have skyrocketed, especially for diesel. After weeks, at least one small normalization is recognizable: the price per liter of diesel at 2.029 still slips slightly below that of the E10.

For the first time since the extreme hike in fuel prices in March, diesel is again cheaper than premium E10 gasoline. However, according to ADAC data, both fuels are still a long way off the price level before the start of the war in Ukraine. According to this, diesel cost € 2,029 per liter on Thursday on a national daily average. With the E10 it was 2,030 euros. Just a week ago, diesel cost 7.3 cents more than E10 per liter.

Diesel is usually much cheaper than gasoline because higher taxes are applied on gasoline. Including VAT, the difference is just under 22 cents. On the market, however, this value is rarely achieved even under normal circumstances: in recent years, on average, diesel has cost around 14 cents less than the E10.

Since March 4, the upheavals caused by the war in Ukraine had made diesel more expensive than the E10. At the top it was nearly 12 cents a liter. Among other things, this was due to the fact that not only oil, but also diesel is imported from Russia. In addition, atypical high seasonal demand for similar heating oil had pushed the price of diesel.

“Record-high refining margins”

The fuel price level is still too high, said Jürgen Albrecht, ADAC’s fuel market expert. In times when oil prices and dollar exchange rates were similar, which are usually the main drivers of fuel price trends, fuel was significantly cheaper in the past. “Margins in the refinery sector are currently at record highs. This also shows that there is room for price cuts,” he said, noting, “It is good that the Cartel Office is taking a closer look at prices from the well. at the gas station. “

As for rapidly falling prices, the expert is rather skeptical: “It is to be feared that oil companies will try to keep prices high until then with the prospect of tax cuts for consumers in the near future,” he said. warned. . “It would be all the more important that drivers continue to pay attention to low prices to maintain competitive pressure.”

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