For the first time in company history: Apple employees join the union

For the first time in the history of the company
Apple employees join the union

So far, Apple has managed to dissuade Apple Store employees from forming local union groups. In the US state of Maryland, the mechanical engineering union IAM has struck a coup: 110 employees of a workshop are now organizing there.

Workers at an Apple store in the United States formed a union for the first time. 65 of the 110 employees at the Towson, Maryland store voted in favor of the merger, with 33 votes against in a vote broadcast live by the federal agency responsible for the matter. Employees demand participation in wages, working hours and security measures.

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As a result of Saturday’s decision, Apple store employees will form a section of the IAM machine builders union once the federal agency confirms the result. IAM president Robert Martinez praised the “courage” of Apple employees. The victory reflects “the growing demands for unions in Apple stores and in various sectors of our nation’s economy.”

When asked, Apple said the company “refused to comment.” Apple Store employees in several cities across the United States have tried multiple times to form unions. But there had never been a vote before. Apple human resources manager Deirdre O’Brien visited the Towson store in May and pointed out, among other things, that a union would “complicate” the relationship between Apple and its employees as a “mediator”.

In the United States, unions had lost a lot of power and members over the past few decades. In recent months, however, they have achieved some symbolic successes. For example, workers at two Starbucks stores in Buffalo, New York formed a union last December. In early April, workers at an Amazon warehouse on Staten Island in New York voted to become the company’s first union representative.

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