For businesses and governments: Musk is evaluating fees for Twitter

Status: 05/04/2022 12:26

Last week, Twitter approved Musk’s acquisition plans. One of the future visions of the Tesla boss for the short message service: Twitter could become paid for companies and authorities.

The Reuters news agency reports, citing insiders, that Elon Musk said in funding talks with banks that he was looking for new ways to make money with tweets. Musk announced on Twitter that the short message service would always remain free for private customers. He only considers the “low costs” for commercial users and authorities.

Some kind of subscription model is possible

The idea could be materialized in a subscription model. Currently, Twitter earns almost exclusively from advertising, mostly in the form of tweets, which companies can inject into users’ news stream for money. Musk had already claimed to find better subscription models for services like Twitter – everything else gave big companies too much power.

Twitter has already experimented with “Blue”

Such a subscription model would not be completely new to the short message service: Twitter is already experimenting with subscription business models in its “Blue” offering, available among other things in the US. Customers of the so-called Twitter Blue model can, among other things, edit finished tweets for up to 30 seconds. Tweet series are also displayed more legibly and there is the option to organize saved tweets into folders. The subscription costs $ 2.99 per month in the United States. A few years ago, however, Twitter’s first attempt at a paid alternative failed.

Musk wants to make more money from Twitter

The background of Musk’s consideration of charging companies and authorities for using the short message service is that Twitter currently lags behind other social networks like Facebook and Instagram in terms of revenue growth. Currently, Twitter has around 217 million users. According to Musk, the service therefore serves a “niche”, which he now says he wants to change.

What are the prospects for Twitter?

Musk also wants to change some of the contents of the short message service: the Tesla boss has repeatedly expressed himself in favor of greater freedom of speech and has announced that he wants to work on it after the acquisition of Twitter. In the past, Twitter had reported false messages on the platform and even blocked accounts in case of difficulty.

A striking example of this: the ban on former US President Donald Trump. As a result, one of the big questions surrounding Musk’s promise of free speech is whether Trump could return to the platform. Trump, in turn, said he did not want to return to Twitter. The presence on the platform, on which he once had more than 80 million followers, could be important for a possible presidential candidacy in 2024.

The acquisition is not yet final

Before Musk can transfer his Twitter vision to the company, the acquisition has yet to be completed. So far, Musk had agreed a deal worth approximately $ 44 billion with the board of directors of Twitter. However, it depends on a sufficient number of shareholders giving it their shares. Twitter and Musk aim to complete the acquisition later this year.

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