For $ 375 million: Tom Brady becomes an expert

Munich – Tom Brady has a new job. It is not yet clear when the 44-year-old will do it. After his career in the NFL, Brady becomes an expert on the American television station “Fox”. “We are delighted to announce that seven-time Super Bowl champion Tom Brady will be joining FOX Sports shortly after retiring from the game,” the company said on Twitter.

However, it may take a while longer for Brady to take up his new job. He was satisfied with his work on Twitter, but also explained that there was still “pending business” in the field. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback is looking for his eighth title after “retiring from retirement”.

However, Brady is unlikely to have to make any financial cuts after his career. As the “New York Post” reports, the “Fox” superstar will earn about $ 37.5 million a year.

That would make Brady the highest earning NFL expert. After all, the 44-year-old would have surpassed two former quarterbacks and current NFL analysts Troy Aikman (“ESPN”) and Tony Romo (“CBS”) with the deal.

Brady makes more money at Fox than at the NFL

It has also been reported that the contract will run for ten years instead of the usual five. This would earn the former Patriots director up to $ 375 million.

According to the calculations of NFL expert Tom Pelissero, Brady is expected to earn more than he has in his entire NFL career. In New England and Tampa Bay, the quarterback earned about $ 296.5 million, which is $ 78.5 million less than his “Fox” contract.

Recall that Brady’s first rookie contract with the Patriots earned him a signing bonus of “only” $ 38,500. He will now collect “FOX Sports” television, where he will also be the broadcaster’s ambassador.

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