For 100 million euros: MAN builds battery plant in Nuremberg | Regional

Nuremberg – Millions for francs!

The Bavarian manufacturer of commercial vehicles MAN is building a new truck battery plant at its Nuremberg site for nearly 100 million euros.

The batteries, which will still be produced manually for the next two and a half years, will arrive in large series from the Nuremberg plant from the beginning of 2025, MAN CEO Alexander Vlaskamp said Wednesday in Nuremberg.

In the final stage, production must be increased to 100,000 units per year. A heavy truck needs up to six units and can therefore travel 600 to 800 kilometers per day, with an opportunity fee during the driver’s rest period.

Graph: this is how far electric cars go: check models in the range - informative image

From 2026, autonomy of 1000 kilometers per day should be possible. The investment in Nuremberg aims to secure 350 jobs at the site.

Bavarian Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU) said the MAN investment was like a new cellular cure for the free state. “This is a good example of successful industrial policy,” Söder said. Now you need to make sure there are enough charging points.

Bavaria pledges € 30 million in funding to promote energy research and technology. This should also improve the sustainability of battery technology.

According to MAN, by the middle of the current decade, the operating costs of an electric-powered truck should no longer exceed those of a diesel truck. At the latest, the demand for electric trucks will increase significantly.

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