Flylux Airlines: the new Luxembourg airline relies on the Airbus A320 Neo and A321 LR

Flylux Airlines wants to offer wet lease services. The new Luxembourg airline plans with the A320 Neo and the A321 LR – and later also with a freighter.

It’s luxurious in Luxembourg: of the seven airlines licensed in the Grand Duchy, all but one have the syllable “Lux” in their name. Now another one is added. Your name: Flylux Airlines.

However, the youngest airline in the country is different from the previous ones. While the national airline Luxair is active in the business of scheduled and holiday flights and Cargolux in the global freight market, the remaining suppliers offer corporate charter flights and rescue flights. Flylux Airlines, on the other hand, is mainly positioned in the wet lease and charter market, as reported for the first time by the Paperjam portal.

It starts from the summer

Behind Flylux Airlines is a team of 15 men with many years of industry experience. There are also the pilots. Chief Executive Patrick Thierry has been flying for Qatar Airways for a long time, Chief of Security Eric Viale for Ryanair and Saudia, and Chief Operating Officer Stéphane Chanut for Qatar Airways and Wizz Air.

The Flylux fleet consists of a 180-seat Airbus A320 Neo with scheduled departure for the summer, with a second to be added towards the end of the year. In 2023, the airline plans to add an A321 LR with 192 seats to the fleet.

Cargo planes are also a problem

It shouldn’t stay that way. In 2024, Flylux wants to take over an A321 P2F conversion freighter for cargo flights, Chief Thierry told the L’Essentiel newspaper. What the airline still lacks in the beginning is the Air Operator Certificate (or AOC for short).

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