Final series for the German championship: the polar bears win the third match against Monaco

Final series for the German championship

Eisbären wins the third match against Monaco

The Berlin Eisbären celebrate their second victory in the final series against Munich (Image: images imago / Contrasto)

images imago / Contrasto

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In the final series of the German Ice Hockey League, Eisbären Berlin beat Munich 2-1 in the third match. The German champions lead 2-1 to the best of five and have a chance to defend their title in Munich on Wednesday.

Eisbären Berlin won the third final match against EHC Red Bull Munich 2-1 (1-1, 1-0, 0-0) and thus took the lead in the final series with 2-1 wins. Berlin’s goals were scored by Zach Boychuck and Dominik Bokk. If the polar bears win the next match of the German Ice Hockey Championship on Wednesday at 19:30 in Munich, they will be champions of Germany again.

Instant fire on ice

After the German champions drew in the second game of the final series away to Munich with a 3-2 win in extra time, the next task awaited the capital club only the next day. Coach Serge Aubin was hoping for the home advantage before the match, because the Ostbahnhof arena, which was sold out with around 14,000 visitors, had to create a unique atmosphere. But the Munich team was not impressed by this in the first final match and won 4: 3.

In the second home game of the polar bears of the final series, the home advantage paid off. After just twelve seconds, Eisbären forward Zach Boychuk broke through the ranks of Monaco and slammed the puck directly into the post of the visitors’ area. But Bayern quickly responded with a counter move that Eisbären goalkeeper Mathias Niederberger was able to block with a lightning-fast reaction. The margin of the former Berliner Austin Ortega was narrowly missed. So both teams were directly in the game.

Fast cable, fast compensation

In the fourth minute the guests exaggerate a little and Ben Street has to go into the penalty area for a trip. The hosts were able to take advantage of the next power play, but only thanks to the strong help of the Munich rivals, who managed to play a puck they thought was safe so unfortunately the gaming device landed on Zach Boychuck, who was completely empty. The Berliner immediately pulled away and took the lead at 137 km / h.

But only a minute and a half later, the EHC Red Bull Monaco equalized. Zach Redmond was able to use a pass directly because Jonas Müller failed to assert himself in a duel and lost the puck to the guests.

Many chances, no goals

At the end of the first third, Bayern took more and more initiative, but the German champions were able to put some emphasis in front of the guest’s goal. For the final siren of the first part of the game, the Berliners had to save 25 shots on goal. Eisbären goalkeeper Mathias Niederberger remained confident and reacted quickly without conceding another goal.

The intensity increased further in the second third, so much so that both Red Bull Monaco and Eisbären Berlin had to continue playing with one less man for two minutes. On 26 minutes, Leonhard Pföderl let his opponent slip into space with a quick move, then kept an eye on Frank Hördler, who was rushing into the backcourt but was unable to convert Eisbären’s lead back.

The German champion then kept his opponent better and better away from his own goal. At 31 ‘, however, the Berliners are lucky: a shot saved by Niederberger bounces into the penalty area and then wobbles the legs of Munich’s Patrick Hager, lurking at the far post.

Munich pushes, Berlin hits

The polar bears then continued to create half chances, but the second goal did not come for the Berliners. Hauptstad’s side have shown defensive stability and have always been able to avoid falling behind at the last moment. On both sides, small inaccuracies in passing or shooting meant that spectators could not cheer for another goal.

And so the coincidence had to help a bit: in the 39th minute of play, Dominik Bokk kept the bat on Kai Wissmann’s shot and the puck landed in the goal. After a short video review, the referee gave the goal and the polar bears entered the third rest ahead.

Victory thanks to defensive discipline

The third third started furiously like the first. Eisbär Marcel Noebels shot straight on goal after 20 seconds, the puck swung slightly in the air and landed on the crossbar. Monaco goalkeeper Henrik Haukeland, like his teammates, only dealt with this slap shot.

Shortly thereafter, Maximilian Kastner had to go to the penalty area, and the hosts once again received a match overwhelmed in advance, which, however, died out without a goal. The narrow advantage of the Berliners remained, as the polar bears defended him in a tactically disciplined manner and goalkeeper Niederberger was always on the spot and masterfully avoided the threat of the opponent’s goal.

Carried away by the incessant applause and chants of the Eisbären fans, the hosts managed to get out of any difficult situation until the end of the match. All of Monaco’s attack attempts, whether with a crowbar from the second row or with quick combinations, bounced off the Berlin Wall on the ice and thus the hosts were able to take the 2-1 lead in the series. final of the German Ice Hockey Championship.

As early as Wednesday at 19:30 in Munich, the polar bears have a chance to defend their championship with a win.

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