Fiat makes dreams come true

Electric cars will replace combustion engines as the next step in mobility. But it doesn’t have to end. Driving with electricity offers significant benefits and some of them have not yet been thought of. But one thing is, charge while driving. Fiat now makes it possible.

Inductive charging on the go: Fiat e-cars drive without draining the battery

Charging stops for electric cars are still a test of patience, at least compared to filling up with fuel and continuing, as is done with petrol and diesel engines. Fast-charging stations have been the preferred method until now, and electric cars need to have large batteries to be competitive. Alternatively, several manufacturers are now using solar modules in their electric vehicles, which are expected to achieve greater range.

According to Fiat, the 500 Elektro has meanwhile managed to take a different charging path, a better one, it must be admitted. The small Elektroflitzer takes electricity directly from the street using inductive charging devices hidden under the roadway.

Rent an electric car and collect a bonus of € 6,000

Tests on a suitably equipped racetrack have shown that electric cars like the Fiat 500 Elektro are capable “to drive at speeds typical of motorways without using the energy stored in the battery” (Source: Stellantis). A real announcement that could really put electric cars ahead of combustion engines.

The “Dynamic Wireless Power Transfer” process (DWPT) is being worked on together with several partners in a pilot project of the Stellantis Group. Unlike the charging station, in tests the electric car battery is not charged. Instead, the energy was used directly to drive the electric motor.

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Charging an electric car while driving: game change or gimmick?

Stellantis explains that DWPT technology should be able to be used in all electric vehicles equipped with a corresponding receiver. This absorbs energy from the conductor circuit and transfers it directly to the drive. the The range of electric cars can be expanded in this way and save battery.

If you drive an electric car, you should be familiar with batteries. These rules don’t just apply to smartphones:

It will be exciting to find out what will emerge from the pilot project. If Stellantis could give their electric cars an edge, it would be a start – Of course, he needs the technical prerequisites on the street. However, a retrofit device regardless of brand would be much more exciting. The tests will then continue with a Maserati.

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