Fiat 500X Hybrid & Tipo Hybrid in the driving report

Now the last two models in the Fiat range also get electric support: the 500X and Tipo are now only available with hybrid support and 48-volt technology.

Big words and extravagant gestures are not entirely foreign to Italian car manufacturers. There can always be a show. All Fiat model series are now electrified, they say. As a matter of fact there aren’t that many series either. Incidentally, the other engine variants are no longer available with immediate effect. Panda, 500, 500X and Tipo are only available in hybrid variants. The 500X and Tipo now also benefit from the Getrag dual-clutch transmission with an electric motor as a starter generator integrated into the transmission and a 48-volt on-board network. The same technology is already used in some other Stellantis models, such as Jeep Renegade and Compass or Alfa Tonale. So now 500X and Tipo.

Fiat 500X hybrid


Das Cockpit of the Fiat 500X Hybrid.

Fiat CEO Olivier François likes to point out that mobility can only become green if it is green for everyone. In other words: even if it arrived in the lower price ranges. Of course, the 500X 1.5 GSE fits perfectly into the picture. It is available in Germany from € 28,990 and has a lot to offer in return. The design has been carefully revamped, with a 500 logo emblazoned on the front and a Fiat lettering on the back. Of course, the new powertrain is particularly interesting. At its heart is the new 1.5-liter four-cylinder from the GSE family. It delivers 130hp and receives up to 15kW and 55Nm of powerful support from a discreet electric motor. As we already know from the aforementioned Stellantis models, he is quite talented, allowing, among other things, purely electric driving up to three kilometers, electric crawling in city traffic or maneuvers as delicate as they are silent.

1,400 kg and 6.6 liters every 100 km

500X and Tipo are available to try in Forte dei Marmi, a once swanky seaside resort on the Tuscan coast in view of the Carrara marble quarries. The 500X rolls smoothly along the coast road, soon veers into the mountains. In city traffic everything works very well, slight delays on the throttle controls are already known even by the similarly motorized brothers of the group.

Fiat 500X hybrid


The Fiat 500X Hybrid weighs at least 1,400 kilograms.

In the short stretch beyond the city limits, of course, another peculiarity of the drive is revealed: when you take your foot off the gas, you reduce the propulsion only after a short period of reflection. According to WLTP, the 500X should make ends meet with 6.6 liters or 149 g / km of CO2. Not least, after all, the Hybrid 500X weighs just over 1,400 kg.

It starts from 28,490 euros

The Type with the same traction is hardly any heavier (1,435 kg), but is noticeably longer. The interior of the compact Fiat is correspondingly generous. The Tipo is still available as a five-door model and as a station wagon, and there is also the rustic Cross variant for both body versions. The price list starts here at 28,490 euros, the station wagon is available from 29,990 euros.

Fiat Tipo Hybrid


The Fiat Tipo is now also available in a hybrid version.

What unites the three Tipo versions is the extensive equipment, but the somewhat rough appeal of the Fiat made in Turkey has remained. Equipped with a shockproof torsion beam rear axle, it also gives the impression, on the outskirts of Forte dei Marmi, that it can cope well even with much more rugged terrain, which is not an unpleasant feature. Pure electric driving is also as smooth as the 500X. And the 130hp petrol engine is as powerful as it is cultivated. Only sometimes, for example when accelerating too spontaneously, does the engine, transmission and electric drive become tangled and react with a brief interruption of the thrust. But we already know this from some brothers of the group.


Yes, it would be contemporary.

No, the current engines are sufficient.

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The Fiat 500X and Tipo now offer electrified mobility at an affordable price, both as a lifestyle mini SUV and as a practical and simple compact car. However, some will mourn the diesel versions.

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