FC St. Pauli mourns the passing of legendary stadium announcer Rainer Wulff

In times already dominated by unpleasant moments, FC St. Pauli received deeply sad news. Rainer Wulff, legend of the local club’s stadium announcer, died of cancer Wednesday at the age of 79. The Millerntor’s voice has remained silent forever.

From 1986 to 2017, the NDR reporter sat at the stadium microphone, starting with a 5-1 win over Oberhausen and most recently a 3-0 win over Heidenheim. He has moderated a total of five climbs, the legendary “Bokal” series, but has also gone through all the lows of the last few decades with the club.

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Wulff was more than “just” the stadium announcer. His voice is distinctive, his tone is always appropriate and never crosses the mark, his contributions are humorous when appropriate and always meticulously prepared so as not to make mistakes when he says a player’s name.

St. Pauli loses the legend of the stadium announcer Rainer Wulff

Rainer Wulff was also a skilled author of glosses and satires and went on a reading tour. Only in March he presented his book “Happily Failed”. His audiobook “Vom Runden ins Eckige” was released in 2014, the proceeds of which contributed to the creation of the FC St. Pauli Museum.

FC St. Pauli have lost a defining figure in their recent history. But Rainer Wulff will never completely go away. He left too important an imprint in the history of the Kiezklub for that.

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