FC Schalke 04 – Gerald Asamoah gives emotional interview after promotion: “Everyone drinks, some cry”

Gerald Asamoah admitted he cried himself. “You’re so close, but then you’re 2-0 behind and then this ‘shit’ in Sandhausen is doing something to you. It was just letting go of this weight and the pressure to get back up,” explained the former German international.

The atmosphere in the team was correspondingly exuberant. “The boys just celebrated. Everyone is drinking and some are crying, but that’s part of the game,” said Asamoah, who cried in disappointment just over a year ago when bitter relegation to the second division was certain. On Saturday night, the royal blues just shed tears of joy.

Certainly also with many fans in the stands – or after the final whistle on the lawn. After the game ended, numerous fans could no longer be stopped in their promotion frenzy and rushed onto the pitch, some of which did not survive completely unscathed.


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They had previously cheered loudly for the Schalke side even after the bitter 2-0 deficit. At the latest after Rodrigo Zalazar’s 3-2 in the 78th minute, the Veltins Arena has become a madhouse.

Asamoah: “The fans pushed us forward”

“It was a great atmosphere today. The fans pushed us forward so we could still win the game,” Asamoah said in an interview with “Sky” of great support.

It was also a special evening for goalkeeper Martin Fraisl. Before the 0: 2 he made a serious mistake and the advance promotion seemed a long way off. In the end, thanks to the delay hunt, it still worked. And the relief is enormous.

“When I see Martin Fraisl how emotional this guy has been. I think the 0: 2 error took him a bit. But then he saved us at 2: 2 with this shot,” Asamoah reported and once again he expressly praised the Unity team spirit: “I’m just saying: we had a squad that fit. You noticed that everyone fought for everyone else. This team spirit got us where we are now.”

Back to the German House of Lords.

Asamoah admits: He didn’t organize anything

This success should also be celebrated accordingly, although Asamoah explained that nothing had been organized. “We have to see what to do in the next few days.”

At least one thing is certain: “The guys will have a few days off, we as staff also need a little break. The guys deserve it.”

But the season is not over yet, on matchday 34 Schalke will go to 1. FC Nürnberg. Asamoah didn’t think much about it: “Sure, we want to have a good match in Nuremberg too, but fuck it, we just want to celebrate today, we got promoted!”

Asamoah: Most important promotion of the second division championship

But Schalke shouldn’t take the trip to Nuremberg easily, after all, the second division championship is still at stake. What Asamoah probably no longer had in mind in the promotional euphoria. When asked about the second division cup, the 43-year-old replied with a laugh: “Okay, we can still be champions, right?”

Of course they want to play well in Nuremberg and would like to win, Asamoah said, but the club has already achieved the most important thing: “Our aim was to just be promoted.”

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