FC Schalke 04: Fan brain hemorrhage – eight fans after clinic storm – Bundesliga

The glittering royal blue party in the Veltins Arena has sad consequences.

After the final whistle of the second division match against St. Pauli (3: 2) on Saturday night there was no way to stop them. Fans of Schalke fans storm the square.

Emotions as far as the eye can see. But: the crazy party just missed a bad catastrophe.

There are crowds in different places in the stands. Several people fell and were injured.

According to BILD information, eight injured fans are still in hospital on Monday, one of whom is even in intensive care due to a brain hemorrhage. He fell while climbing over the railing in the fan block.

In some cases, the pressure on the fans on the front rail is said to have been so great that police officers had to rescue the fans with escalators. Otherwise they would have been literally crushed.

A police officer was injured in a fight with a Schalke fan and subsequent resistance on the Arena Ring. After that he was no longer able to work.

Additionally, police are investigating several reports against Schalke players, who are said to have walked across the lawn with Pyros in hand after the storm on the pitch.

This is a violation of the explosives law.

Schalke returned to the Bundesliga on Saturday night, a year after the bitter relegation. The Royal Blues turned a 2-0 half-time deficit against promotion favorite St. Pauli into a 3-2 win and are therefore the first team to be promoted on the penultimate matchday. Schalke took advantage of the match point thanks to Darmstadt’s mistake on Friday (1: 2 in Düsseldorf). The mega 62,000 fan promotion party in the sold-out arena began with the final whistle and ended at 5:29 am.

It is to be hoped that the eight royal blue fans will improve soon.

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