FC Bayern: VfB Ulrich’s jewel in sight

At Cannstatter Wasen you don’t really know what to do with your feelings. In the Bundesliga you are once again in grave danger of relegation. The long-term outlook, on the other hand, looks much rosier, as a number of promising talents have landed in recent years. And there are also many highly gifted people among our descendants.

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The U19s have long followed a master’s degree and, after a more than decent season, are now fourth in the Bundesliga South / Southwest. The U17s are even stronger and with two victories against Hertha BSC in the semifinals of the German league they have reached the final. One player in particular stands out from the strong collective: Laurin Ulrich.

The attacking midfielder is fast, shrewd, technically skilled and dangerous in scoring. Eight goals and five assists in 18 appearances, plus two goals against Hertha in the semi-finals, demonstrate his strong propensity for the penalty area. Ulrich is also versatile thanks to his wide range of abilities, he can be used both behind attackers and on the offensive flank.

It is Bavaria’s turn

Qualities that have spread to Munich, 220 kilometers to the southeast. As the “Bild” podcast “Bayern-Insider” reveals, Ulrich’s name is on FC Bayern’s note. The line with the 17-year-old is short, the director is Roman Rummenigge, son of the former CEO Karl-Heinz Rummenigge.

Ulrich is contractually bound to VfB until 2023. The Swabians want to carefully introduce the U17 player to the professionals and work together for the long term. The club could extend the contract until 2024 as an option. In the medium term, Ulrich’s stay in Stuttgart will be the deciding factor. Relegation certainly wouldn’t reduce the chances.

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