FC Bayern – Riddles about Robert Lewandowski: why the situation of the FCB star “is not easy”.

Robert Lewandowski was in high spirits when he went to the “Sky” microphone shortly after the final whistle. The 10th consecutive league title for FC Bayern is “a great story”, each league title is something “special” in itself. For trophy collectors like him and his club, it’s always about putting yourself to the test.

However, after the pleasant questions were answered, the Pole’s expression darkened. His future or no future in Monaco has been focused on, which is what has occupied fans and sports gazettes for weeks.

Naturally he noticed the latest media reports. She did not disclose whether he was referring to the news announcing an almost certain departure in the summer towards Barcelona or to those that seemed a little more reserved. In any case, what is written is not true.


Accusation of selfishness against Lewandowski: “Have you ever thought about it?”


Otherwise, the 33-year-old has been involved in cryptic statements, as if he simply doesn’t want to step on anyone’s toes, but still lets it be known that his current situation is somewhat stressful.

“Nothing special has happened so far”

“There have been no talks with Bayern yet,” he said, adding: “The only thing I know is that there will be a meeting soon. Nothing special has happened so far.” Lewandowski’s remarks did not sound like the ultimate will to continue playing in the Bavarian state.

When asked if he would like to extend his contract with the FCB, he explained: “Both sides need to see it. I’ll see what happens. It’s not that easy for me either.” After the 3-1 win over Dortmund and the interview with “Sky”, which Lewandowski saw as rather uncomfortable, the time has come for a well-deserved championship celebration in central Munich.

Lewandowski’s brief appearance at the main party

Away from nagging questions about the future, simply toast the bowl with your teammates in a relaxed way. But Lewandowski’s appearance was mysterious. Unlike his teammates, who had a party in the night, according to the “Sport1” report, the scorer was left for just under an hour before leaving with friends.

In doing so, it has unwittingly left room for interpretation and speculation. “Have you had enough of Bavaria?” For example, the “Bild-Zeitung” asked ahead of Lewandowski’s short stay and speculated: “Maybe it was also Lewandowski’s last title party …”

Salihamidzic announces: Lewy will stay until 2023

Cloudy statements, enigmatic appearance at the celebration of the championship. Any indication of a possible summer outing? Obviously not. Sports director Hasan Salihamidzic spoke clearly on the “Sky 90” football talk show on Sunday afternoon. He does not see “that the fronts are hardening”, Lewandowski enjoys “great appreciation” from the German record champions.

Robert Lewandowski

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As a result, the club is not even considering letting go of Lewandowski, whose contract is due to expire until 2023, at the end of the season. “This is clear, we will talk about what awaits us now”. Statements that would hardly have gone too well on the Lewandowski field. According to “Sport Bild”, the player and his agent previously wanted to leave Bayern if the contract was not extended.

Harsh negotiations are taking place

It is clear that the talks will be tough. As recently reported by the “footballer”, Lewandowski is asking for a working document by 2025 with even better conditions than before. Currently the goalkeeper is said to earn around € 20m gross a year, Salihamidzic explained to “Sky 90” that Lewandowksi was the “best earner”. So far, the people of Munich shouldn’t be ready to fulfill the new, more financially demanding desires.

So everything indicates that the whole cause will drag on for a while. It remains complicated, the lively conjectures continue.

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