FC Bayern deliberately keep their interest in Haaland small

Though Bayern executives recently ruled out all of them, including Erling Haaland’s engagement next summer, the rumors about the 21-year-old Norwegian and the Munich side are not over. According to current media reports, Bayern still have Haaland on their radar, but they deliberately want to keep their interest low.

On “Sky90” sporting director Hasan Salihamidzic stressed yesterday that Robert Lewandowski has the best striker in the world and that a transfer from Haaland “would not make sense”. While this statement sounds logical at first glance, there are far more calculations behind it than the makers of Säbener Straße would like to admit.

As reported by “SPORT1”, Bayern officials want to deliberately minimize their interest in the BVB striker. The reasons for this are obvious: Salihamidzic & Co. do not want to “annoy” Robert Lewandowski in the next contract talks. The Pole is reportedly already annoyed by the ongoing rumors about Haaland. Public courtship for the Norwegian would significantly worsen Monaco’s bargaining position in contract poker with the top scorer.

Is Haaland really priceless for Bayern?

Regardless of whether or not Lewandowski will leave Germany’s record-breaking champions early in the summer, Bayern have repeatedly stressed that they cannot afford to sign Erling Haaland at the moment. According to club manager Oliver Kahn, the figures circulated are “very, very far from what we imagine at FC Bayern”.

According to reports, the total package consisting of relocation allowance, commissions and salary for a 5-year contract is over € 300 million. A lot of money, especially in view of the very narrow Corona cash registers on the Isar. On second glance, however, you’ll find that Bayern would be able to have a serious voice in Haaland’s poker.

According to information from “SPORT1”, Manchester City attract the striker with a gross annual salary of 30 million euros. For comparison: Robert Lewandowski earns around 23-25 ​​million euros in Munich. The top two scorers aren’t all that far apart in terms of salary. One-off payments (commissions and transfer fees) of nearly € 150 million also appear to be a “fair price”. Haaland’s market value is currently estimated at € 150 million. This makes the youngster one of the most valuable football professionals in the world and the trend is on the rise.

“I know Bayern are still trying to catch him”

What’s also particularly interesting is that Haaland doesn’t seem to pay primary attention to the financial picture. Jan-Aage Fjörtoft, who is considered a Haaland insider and a friend of the family, on Sunday at the “SPORT1” double pass stressed that the project, the club and its development opportunities are at least as important as the salary. The former Bundesliga player cited the previous move to Salzburg and Dortmund as an example. Either way, Haaland could have moved on to significantly larger clubs if he’d only cared about the financial side.

Furthermore, Fjörtoft is certain that Bayern Munich will still have Haaland in their radar: “I don’t know where Haaland is going. But it’s not true that Bayern aren’t there because it’s too expensive. I know Bayern are still trying hard to get him. “.

The next few weeks will show just how serious Bayern’s interest is. One thing is clear: if a Lewandowski extension were to explode, it would be remiss from Munich’s point of view not to try their luck with Haaland.

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