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Plain text from Bayern’s loan Alexander Nübel (25)!

After Thomas Müller’s contract (32) has been extended until 2024, fans are now waiting for Manuel Neuer (36 / contract until 2023). If the agreement with the national team goalkeeper is successful, it would mean the end of the German champion record for Nübel after the Munich loan (until 2023).

Nübel clearly at the “DAZN round table for Ligue 1”: “If Manu is still there when I return, it will probably be nothing. If Manu is still there, it makes no sense! Then I have to talk to FC Bayern and see what is the best solution for Bayern and for me. “

He wants matches like the one in Munich (46 official matches, 14 goalless goals) instead of the bench and training on Säbener Straße: “Here I came to the realization. I get my motivation for every training session from the games. The pace of the game is different from the training. Now I have to say clearly: I don’t want to miss the games. “

The former Schalke (contract until 2025 with Bayern) almost completely excludes another loan from 2023: “Basically I am open, but I tend to prefer a different solution. In reality, I am more in favor of taking a different path”.

Is Bayern number one still the big goal? Nübel now thinks differently here too: “Basically yes. However, the perspective has changed, because there are other clubs as well ”. He classifies his contacts with Bayern as “currently less frequent”.

2021 German champion with Bayern and all former Schalke: Manuel Neuer, goalkeeper coach Toni Tapalovic and Alexander Nübel (from left)

2021 German champion with Bayern and all former Schalke: Manuel Neuer, goalkeeper coach Toni Tapalovic and Alexander Nübel (from left)Photo: Dennis Brosda

A return to another Bundesliga club is also possible in 2023!

The goalkeeper: “I’m open, I don’t have a dream. If the package is right, I’d rather go there. Playing in the Champions League is always a goal. I wouldn’t say a requirement. I can also imagine returning to the Bundesliga, even if the club isn’t called. FC Bayern “.

Despite only four appearances, he has no regrets about his year in Munich: “The one at Bayern was not wasted. I’d take that step again and again! You never know how many times you have the chance to move to Bayern Munich. In the end, everything went well with the loan ”.

And what has the Monaco loan brought him so far (“I’m staying for another year and a half. It’s a bargain.”)?

Nübel: “My communication has improved, my pace and self-confidence. That is back! This makes me really happy. I want to play and be on the pitch every day of the match. I am further developing my personality and also being abroad is very important “.

The 25-year-old is not worried at all about the national team and the 2022 World Cup in Qatar: “There is no exchange and really no hope. We have great goalkeepers in Germany who play at a high level. You can see from Manuel that you can play very well even in old age. What happens after 2022 is open. I can only get attention with my performance and then you’ll see if that’s enough. But I don’t come home every day and I hope for a call. “

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