FC Bayern: After the embarrassment, we went on vacation to Ibiza

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Immediately after the embarrassment, we went on vacation to Ibiza

FC Bayern made fun of themselves during his appearance in Mainz. The visibly angry Julian Nagelsmann then hints at the attitude of his players without becoming specific. There are now clues as to what it could have meant.

JJulian Nagelsmann was furious. His FC Bayern had just lost 1: 3 (1: 2) at FSV Mainz. And it could have been worse. The hosts scored 22: 7 shots on goal against the record-breaking champions, which their coach didn’t like at all.

“We can’t have a nine hundred percent chance against us, it just doesn’t work”, said Nagelsmann, whose team had made the championship perfect a week earlier. But that couldn’t be a reason for such an anemic performance. Apparently Nagelsmann knew very well how this happened. “I have an explanation, but I won’t give it to you,” he told reporters, because: “It’s not for the media world.”

1. FSV Mainz 05 - FC Bayern Munich - Bundesliga

Without a chance at FSV Mainz: Leroy Sane (right) and Serge Gnabry

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Indeed, post-match events are something club officials are reluctant to discuss in public. As reported by “Bild”, almost the entire team flew to Ibiza after their surprisingly listless performance in Mainz to celebrate the championship there. Six players, including captain Manuel Neuer, are said to have stayed at home.

Harsh criticism from Lothar Matthäus

Nagelsmann released his players on Sunday and Monday, the next training will take place on Tuesday at 11:00. According to the report, the club’s management approved the trip. It is not known if the coach also approved this.

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Now, of course, employees are free to decide what to do on their days off, even without their boss’s permission. But football always works a little differently. In this case, the bloodless performance of the players is accompanied by the indignant coach and two other Bundesliga games, of which the upcoming one can be decisive for the end of the season in the battle for relegation.

On Sunday at 17:30 Bayern will meet the 16th table. VfB Stuttgart. The team will therefore be under special observation. Not just under that of their coach. This is already demonstrated by the statements of the national record player Lothar Matthäus.

“It’s not good at all, especially after a match like this,” he told Sky on Sunday: “If they had won yesterday, I’d say they’ll stay in Ibiza for three days.” Nagelsmann should have acted. the Days off should be canceled after such a match, according to Matthäus.

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