Fatal thrombosis: US FDA issues partial ban on Johnson & Johnson syringe

Bang effect around the approval of controversial vaccination experiments. In the United States, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which reports to the local Ministry of Health, has now decided to largely limit the use of the “Johnson & Johnson” product. One of the main reasons for this is an increased risk of dangerous blood clots. There will be a total ban on minors in the future and the substance is only recommended for adults in exceptional cases.

Increased risk of dangerous blood clots

The authority announced the decision on Thursday. they are the basis at least 60 confirmed cases of bleeding disorders within two weeks of injection. In at least nine cases, the complications were fatal. given that thousands upon thousands of suspected cases in the VAERS side effect reporting system as well as a low reporting rate The number of unreported cases of such vaccine damage is, of course, much higher to be. Previously, the authority had only recommended the vector syringe of subsidiary J&J Janssen from the age of 18. A few weeks after a temporary vaccine, further restriction follows.

After further analysis, investigation and evaluation of the reported cases, according to the FDA, it was found that “the risk of thrombosis associated with thrombocytopenic syndrome (TTS) requires a restriction on the permitted use of the vaccine “. TTS is the life-threatening combination of blood clots with low platelet count, whose symptoms were typically evident a week or two after the sting. In the future, the Patient Information Leaflet will identify cerebral thrombosis and TTS as possible side effects.

Unfavorable prognosis for TTS patients

Decisions are one Blow for the company’s attempts to make its “vaccine” available to minors. The media reception of the FDA’s decision is remarkable. Even the big CBS broadcaster now admits: “Blood clots form due to an immune reaction that has to do with the way the vaccine is made. They arise in ordinary places, such as in Veins that carry blood away from the brain and in patients who develop abnormally low platelets. Symptoms of these thrombosis include severe headache, abdominal pain and malaise ”.

The FDA also points out that the The condition of TTS patients “can deteriorate rapidly despite prompt diagnosis and treatment.” Also, the syndrome can long-term health damage lead, do it too high mortality rate. Even the authorities consider it problematic “The risk factors for developing TTS following Janssen vaccine administration remain unknown.” For this reason he only wants the injections of J&J allergic reactions to mRNA substances and for people with other obstacles to vaccination or insufficient access to other means.

Thrombosis with all known “vaccinations” for a year

The problem of life-threatening and fatal cerebral thrombosis and embolism first emerged as a mass phenomenon in the spring of 2021. Although experts have been on one for weeks such a danger with all substances approved at that time had warned, the EU EMA authority ignored their advice. Vaccination interruptions followed only when the phenomenon could no longer be overlooked concerned the preparation of the Astra Zeneca vector, which was more commonly used in Europe at the time. As a result, mRNA treatments were forced, however an independent autopsy of those who died from vaccinations in the fall also showed troubling clinical pictures, including thrombosis, with these substances.

Accumulation of vaccination damage even with mRNA gene therapies

So, even if countless serious side effects and even deaths with mRNA gene treatments have been observed, the FDA and the media complex continue to try to at least salvage their reputation. In the case of the BioNTech / Pfizer substance, however, even its developers have recently had to admit that “serious adverse events occur”, which could “delay or prevent” full regulatory approval. Plus it’s still there no evidence of the duration of their immune response.

In the case of these experimental therapies, those have also intensified in recent months Evidence that injections weaken the immune system can – critical doctors call the phenomenon due to the Symptoms that also make other pathogens, already known as “vaccination AIDS”, more susceptible. Worldwide booster vaccinations could aggravate the situation by the autumn. The fact that vector substances and mRNAs can lead to a large number of side effects has recently also led to a The Italian court declared mandatory vaccination unconstitutional weekly view reported.

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