Euroleague: FC Bayern missed the sensation in Barcelona

FC Bayern Basketball missed the sensation in Barcelona. In the fifth game of the series of the quarter-finals of the Euroleague playoffs, the favorites of Catalonia prevailed in a hard-fought match with 81:72. It was only the second time in the history of Monaco to participate in the Euroleague playoffs. Progress would have been historic. Because so far no German team has been able to enter the Final Four tournament.

FC Bayern as an underdog

The roles were clearly divided before the tip, even though the series already had four games, even though the two had so far met at eye level on the pitch, even though this quarter-final went into the all-important fifth game. On the one hand, the favorites of Barcelona. The squad is full of former NBA greats: Nikola Mirotic, Dante Exum, Àlex Abrines.

On the other hand, Monaco, which for the second time in its history had reached the Euroleague playoffs and had never managed to advance one round. “It is a privilege to be able to get into the jaws of a shark,” said coach Andrea Trinchieri before the match – and he also used humble words in front of everyone about the prominent opponent.

Bayern with a six-point lead at half-time

As in previous games, nothing was visible on the pitch. FC Bayern acted boldly, especially on defense, with the stars of FC Barcelona well under control. Mirotic in particular had a hard time. In attack, the Munich side dared a lot, but were too hasty from time to time. Otherwise the lead they took in the first quarter (18:19) could have been higher.

It worked better in the second quarter. In addition, the three of Barça did not want to fall. Only defensive rebounds were a problem for the underdogs at this stage. Bayern entered the half-time six points (31:37).

False start of the second half

This advantage was lost after a short time. A 7-0 run by the Catalans gave the hosts the lead. Bayern had a hard time. Barcelona seemed to have found the defensive recipe against Monaco, but reacted in the match. Especially with unbridled threesomes, definitely not planned by Trinchieri.

But Barcelona also managed to launch the art. Bayern’s lack of defensive rebounds was no longer a problem, as the hosts’ offensive really got underway. 29 points in the third quarter. Bayern went into the all-important quarter by ten points behind.

Bayern keeps the game open until the end.

There, FC Bayern were able to slow down the opponent’s offensive and also took some tricks, but the gap did not diminish. The closer the final seconds got, the more certain he was that Monaco would be eliminated. In the end, the result of 81:72 was a little too clear. “My players showed an incredible streak. I’m proud,” said Trinchieri.

“Obviously we are all extremely disappointed, but heartfelt congratulations to our coach, to our team. Great respect. The character of this team is that it does not give up” – Marko Pesic, managing director of FCBB of Magenta Sport.

Bayern’s best pitcher was Othello Hunter with 18 points. For Barcelona, ​​Nicolas Laprovittola (26 points) and Mirotic (20) were the most successful. Barcelona will now face Real Madrid in the semifinals in Belgrade, where the title will be awarded from 19 to 21 May.

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