Elon Musk: The Boring Company to implement the Hyperloop project

So far, Elon Musk’s tunneling company The Boring Company (TBC) has limited itself to drilling underground tunnels, “in the next few years” it’s about tackling a Hyperloop project, according to a tweet from Musk on Monday.

The tweet Musk sent in response to a list of cities with the worst traffic in the world published, however, does not contain any concrete statement: “In the next few years, Boring Co will try to build a working Hyperloop,” Musk writes. “Physically, for distances of less than ~ 2000 miles, this is the fastest way possible to get from one city to another. The spaceship is faster for longer journeys.”

Additionally, Musk points out that he believes underground traffic through the tunnels is safe. “Underground tunnels are immune to above-ground weather conditions (subways are a good example), so Hyperloop wouldn’t worry about a hurricane raging on the surface.”

However, the underground tunnels are not as safe as Musk has them believe. A counter-example is found in the British capital London, which tops the list of cities with the worst traffic conditions. In October 2021, for example, the subway flooding resulted in the decommissioning of two lines. In Paris, the second city on the list, floods on the Seine paralyzed the metro.

However, the technical implementation of a Hyperloop system, in which capsules for transporting people and goods slide on an air cushion in largely airless tubes at speeds of up to 1200 km / h, has not yet been sufficiently clarified. . This is how the Hyperloop principle outlined by Elon Musk in 2013 works in principle, as demonstrated by the practical results of several Hyperloop competitions initiated by Musk and a test of a full-size Hyperloop system by Virgin Hyperloop. However, some problems still remain to be solved, such as the construction of the vacuum tubes, several hundred kilometers long, and their safety.

At least drilling of the tunnels should be relatively fast, because TBC, founded by Musk in 2016, uses the Pufrock-2 drill, which is expected to be able to complete around 1.6 kilometers of tunnels per week. The successor Pufrock-3, which TBC is currently working on, should therefore be able to create 11 kilometers per day.

TBC recently raised approximately $ 675 million (€ 629 million) in venture capital for the advancement of the tunnel drill and the existing “Vegas Loop” tunneling project to alleviate surface traffic in Las Vegas, Nevada. Since June 2021, a 1.3-kilometer underground track has been in operation in Las Vegas, connecting the exhibition halls of the Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC).

The Hyperloop pod for the first manned race.
(Bild: Virgin Hyperloop)


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