Electric motorcycle from the USA: LiveWire Del Mar

Harley-Davidson shocked its fans when they announced a few years ago that they wanted to build large-scale electric motorcycles. Ironically, the brand is famous for its huge and thundering V2 engines. But the group developed its own strategy under German CEO Jochen Zeitz and separated the electronics division called LiveWire. It is now presenting its first in-house development based on the “Arrow” platform (see text box below for details).

The new brand is now ready to go public and Harley-Davidson hopes to raise approximately $ 545 million. The US brand wants to sell 53,000 electric motorcycles by 2025. They will have little to do with the ill-fated Harley-Davidson LiveWire, which is now being sold as LiveWire One, but they will be entirely new developments.

With the upcoming IPO, LiveWire presents its first standalone model, called Del Mar, named after a flat track in California. As a result, it is designed in the style of a flat tracker, an motorsport that enjoys great popularity in the United States and in which Harley-Davidson has won numerous titles. This means: flat and wide handlebars, 19-inch wheel at the front and 18-inch at the rear, plus a small lamp cover around the LED headlight reminiscent of the Harley-Davidson Sportster S.

Harley-Davidson electric motorcycles are sold under the LiveWire label. The Del Mar is said to be the first of a whole series of all-new electric motorcycles.

What is striking is that the Del Mar does not have a frame. LiveWire calls its electric platform the Arrow and uses the battery pack as a support element between the steering head and the swingarm. The case should be stable enough. Below is the electric motor, the Del Mar offers no gearbox and the pinion lies on the swingarm pivot, the spring strut rests on the block. As is typical for Harley-Davidson, the rear wheel is driven by a quiet, low-maintenance timing belt. In the future, numerous models will be created on the Arrow platform.

LiveWire delivers 59 kW (80 hp) of power. That would be decent, but not sensational, but the weight specs make you sit up and take note: LiveWire claims 199kg. If true, that would be around 50kg under the LiveWire One, but the battery should be correspondingly smaller. The Del Mar is said to accelerate to 100km / h in under four seconds and have a range of around 160km. Nothing has yet been announced about the battery capacity with its cylindrical cells in the common 21700 format, insiders estimate it from 9 to 12 kWh.

It can be charged with alternating current up to 22 kW via a type 2 plug. Being a modern e-motorcycle, the Del Mar has GPS and receives its updates via mobile communications.

LiveWire has announced mass production for Q2 2023, but 100 pieces with custom paint are on the way. Unfortunately, anyone determined to secure a Del Mar Launch Edition is too late, as the $ 17,699 copies are already sold out. If and when LiveWire Del Mar is available in Germany it is still open.


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