Electric cars are in low demand as rental cars

The option of booking an electric car is relatively rarely used in Europe. Overall, the percentage of all bookings is only 0.22 percent, the booking platform said With. In the past twelve months, customers have only booked around 2,500 days of electric car rentals through the platform, 77% of which are in Spain, ten in France and two in Germany.

Combustion engines are preferred because they are increasingly available from suppliers and the ways of refueling are familiar all over the world. In the United States, Spain and Germany there is now a presentable range of battery-powered rental cars. But renting is usually more expensive than renting a petrol or diesel vehicle, said Billiger-Mietwagen spokesman Frieder Bechtel. Many vacationers also wouldn’t want to look for charging stations and endure long charging times.

The reluctance of tenants has an impact on the supply of young used cars. Rental companies usually run out of rental cars after six to twelve months. That’s why these cars dominate the auto market by a year. Although there are now a number of battery-operated rental cars, they only play a minor role in the huge fleet of rental car providers. A conversion of vehicle fleets can only be envisaged as customers increasingly demand these vehicles. Furthermore, rental companies are also suffering from the shortage of new cars.


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Demand is even higher on the Spanish island of Mallorca. Much has been done there to expand the charging infrastructure: there are reserved parking spaces in attractive tourist destinations, for example in front of a museum or city hall, where electric cars can recharge for free. In Formentera the number of cars on the island is limited overall, but electric cars are exempt from the quota.

Across Europe, only 0.3% of vacation rentals offer charging options for electric vehicles, according to the vacation rental search engine Vacation. In Gothenburg, Munich and Eindhoven, around three percent of holiday apartments have a charging station. On the Dutch coast, 1% of the accommodations have a charging facility in the immediate vicinity and 0.4% on Lake Como. The data came from the search engine database with as many as 15 million accommodations worldwide.


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