Electric car: Car manufacturer Wiesmann celebrates its comeback with a luxury roadster

First electric car of the brand
German carmaker Wiesmann celebrates its comeback with an electric luxury roadster

The Wiesmann Thunderball Roadster travels along a road in a mountainous landscape

With the Thunderball, Wiesmann launches a new roadster as an electric car

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Wiesmann’s trade lies in the production of roadster vehicles, although production has stood still for a long time. But now the German carmaker has announced an electric luxury roadster. Wiesmann’s return is imminent.

After Wiesmann has been quiet for the past few years, there is now news. The automaker presented a roadster as an electric car in the luxury vehicle segment: the “Thunderball Project”.

The photos published on Facebook in March and the short video clip in which a roadster in camouflage slid on the snow has now been followed by “The return of an icon”, as the company itself said.

The Thunderball presented on Wednesday is a roadster with small round headlights at the front, characteristic of Wiesmann. In addition, the two-seater convertible comes with an extremely long front end, so that the occupants of the vehicle sit right in front of the rear axle. At the rear, a dovetail spoiler is installed.

The new Wiesmann project builds on heritage and looks elegantly into the future. After all, Wiesmann promises “stunning, luxurious interiors and the finest materials”. Here you can find leather, carbon fiber, hand-molded wood veneers and metal surfaces.

Wiesmann Thunderball wants to reflect the revolution in the automotive world

The Westphalian carmaker talks about an “extraordinary project” that mirrors the current revolution in the entire automotive world. It is launching one of the world’s first fully electric roadsters, reminiscent of Tesla’s roadster announcement. The model from the US carmaker is expected to hit the market no earlier than next year.

The 4.40 meter long and 2.20 meter wide Thunderball will deliver the power, handling and performance “we are known for”. Equipped with two electric motors on the rear axle and a sporty chassis, the roadster has an overall output of up to 680 hp and a maximum torque of 1,100 Nm. In addition, the approximately 1.7 ton Stromer is expected to accelerate from 0 to 100 km. / h in just under three seconds, which, according to the developers, is also due to the aluminum chassis and a newly developed carbon fiber body.

The electric motors are powered by an 83 kWh battery with 800 volt architecture. The Thunderball is charged with a 22 kW on-board unit at the socket and in public fast charging stations with direct current up to 300 kW. Wiesmann aims for a radius of 500 kilometers. The sports car manufacturer specifies the energy consumption at 20.5 kWh per 100 kilometers.

The steering wheel-mounted shift paddles should allow for direct adjustment of an intelligent regenerative braking system. As a result, the driver can set the deceleration of the two electric motors in five steps so that different engine brake effects can be selected before cornering. This is to save energy and charge the battery.

The electric car can be ordered from 300,000 euros

Wiesmann went bankrupt in early 2014 and was taken over by a pair of British brothers two years later. The company had already announced “Project Gecko” in 2020, but the BMW M-engined sports car has not yet gone into series production. Currently, however, the carmaker is reportedly working on its production.

In addition, the Thunderball, also handcrafted in Dülmen, Westphalia, will also go into production. The Roadster can now be ordered at a proud base price of € 300,000. It is not yet known when production will start. Meanwhile, Wiesmann announced, “Keep innovating [zu] develop “and to give the Thunderball even more power.

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