Eintracht Frankfurt: Police use water cannons after beating West Ham

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Eintracht Frankfurt beat West Ham United. Many fans have been touring the city center afterwards. The police were in action.

Updated from Friday 6 May, 07:31: On Thursday (5 May) Eintracht Frankfurt achieved something historic: with a 1-0 win over West Ham United, the SBU made it to the Europa League final. In the stadium, the fans vented their joy after the final whistle and stormed the pitch. Coach Oliver Glasner then said: “The gratitude and the joy of the fans, it’s nice. There was no form of aggression on the pitch. The gate is battered. It was the worst thing that happened.”

According to the police, he remained largely relaxed in the stadium. Some Eintracht Frankfurt fans provoked the English fans in front of the away wall. However, they were turned down by officials and there were no violent clashes.

What was the situation like in central Frankfurt? According to police, there have been assaults between SGE fans and West Ham United fans at various points. Well after the final whistle, the police tweeted: “As tempers are heating up and objects are being thrown, our water cannons are now entering the operational area.” . Helicopters also circled the city. According to previous information, however, there were no major riots.

After the triumph of the SGE: the police make a clear announcement for the night

Update from Thursday 5 May at 23:48: Cheering storms in Frankfurt: With a 1-0 home win over West Ham United, the SBU made it clear it would make it to the Europa League final. In the stadium, the euphoric fans stormed the pitch and the police took a few minutes to restore order.

In general, law enforcement could face difficult hours. Throughout the game, however, it was mostly silent, aside from the repeated use of Pyro. In the guest block, police arrested two bystanders who are said to have shown Hitler’s salute. In Sachsenhausen he had to separate the quarrelsome fans.

Eintracht Frankfurt
Eintracht Frankfurt fans light up Bengalos. © Arne Dedert / dpa

Frankfurt police announced on Twitter that more and more colleagues are again on the move in the city area. The clear message to the football community: “Celebrate together: Yes. Hit others on the cheek: no.” The following applies to everyone returning home: there are restrictions on tram traffic.

Eintracht Frankfurt: West Ham fans celebrate the newlywed couple

Update from Thursday 5 May, 20:56: A video circulating on Twitter shows an extraordinary episode of the Europa League semi-final between Eintracht Frankfurt and West Ham United: English fans celebrate a young couple on the Römerberg who have just got married in the town hall.

Hundreds of guests from London were touring the city center on Thursday afternoon and evening (May 5th), cheering, celebrating and singing. And the newlywed couple? Posing without further ado for a photo with the Brits, many of whom will now likely be seated in the packed stadium in Frankfurt.

Police reported some “minor friction” in the city area ahead of the game via Twitter in the evening. The situation is currently “calm and relaxed”. To ensure it remains that way, the emergency services behind block 29 in the stadium guard can be contacted at any time.

West Ham United fans celebrate in Frankfurt.
West Ham United fans celebrate in Frankfurt. © Boris Roessler / dpa

Hundreds of West Ham fans march through Frankfurt

Update from Thursday 5 May, 6:16 pm: If you want to travel around Frankfurt by tram on Thursday evening (May 5th), it will be difficult. As reported by the VGF, the police have cordoned off the entire area of ​​the central station. West Ham United fans are currently marching through the city area. There are cancellations on lines 11, 14, 16, 17 and 21.

Update from Thursday 5 May, 5:18 pm: Hours before kick-off, hundreds of English fans gathered at Frankfurt’s Römerberg. Our reporter on site estimated their number at 4:30 pm between 400 and 500. They were vocal but peaceful. There will be songs and soccer balls.

English football fans parade along Frankfurt's main train station.
English football fans parade along Frankfurt’s main train station. ©

The Frankfurt police were also present on the Römerberg. Through loudspeaker announcements, he asked West Ham fans to slowly but surely go to the stadium. The emergency services announced on Twitter that full lanes and long security checks were planned. There are “numerous supporters of both teams” in Frankfurt.

Police have asked untagged fans to stay in town and to watch the Europa League semi-finals in the city’s bars and pubs. There is no way to do it in the stadium. The goal of the management of Frankfurt is also to separate the fields of fans of Eintracht Frankfurt and the London club. There had been several discussions last night (look down).

Police cars are parked on the Römerberg in Frankfurt.
Police cars are parked on the Römerberg in Frankfurt. © Boris Roessler / dpa

800 West Ham fans in the Station District – baseball bat fight in a pub

Update from Thursday May 5th, 2.15pm: The previous match of the year for Eintracht Frankfurt is approaching: on Thursday (5 May), SGE will play against West Ham United for a place in the Europa League final. The meeting has already cast its shadow on Wednesday, including on the streets of Frankfurt. A total of 30 people were arrested.

But what happened? Frankfurt police spoke of “violent supporters of both clubs” who fought or planned to fight each other in the city area. By Wednesday afternoon, investigators had registered up to 1,000 West Ham United fans in the city area, including so-called risk fans.

Rival fan groups from England and Eintracht Frankfurt continued to seek out violent confrontations, which the police largely prevented, however, especially in the station district. Elsewhere, however, it has become tangible. According to officials, around 6:40 pm on Wednesday evening, a group of SGE supporters attacked visiting fans on Schulstrasse, knocking two of them unconscious. They had to be hospitalized as inpatients.

Eintracht Frankfurt: West Ham United fans want to march in the station district

The most violent scenes before Eintracht Frankfurt’s match against West Ham United in the Europa League took place around 9.30pm on Taubenstrasse. Here, according to police, “a larger group of violent criminals who apparently belonged to supporters of Eintracht Frankfurt” tried to attack British fans in a pub. Among other things, baseball bats were used. The gastronomy inventory was destroyed.

A bar employee was also slightly injured. The police immediately searched for the fugitives and managed to find and check two groups of people on Schaumainkai and Eiserner Steg. “It has yet to be determined whether these are the forwards. After the identity was verified, people received appropriate location references, “Frankfurt police said.

A large number of policemen were on duty at Bahnhofsviertel the night before Eintracht Frankfurt's game against West Ham United.
A large number of policemen were on duty at Bahnhofsviertel the night before Eintracht Frankfurt’s game against West Ham United. ©

According to the police, in the evening hours the crowd of English fans was concentrated in the Munich street. It is estimated that around 800 guest fans were present here, including around 150 “risk fans”, according to investigating authorities. Frankfurt’s Münchner Strasse had to be closed to both road and rail traffic due to the build-up. Police prevented West Ham fans from marching through the station area.

After a potentially important discussion on Gutleutstrasse was cut short, the situation calmed down around midnight. Frankfurt police remain on alert around the return match between SGE and West Ham United on Thursday.

West Ham fans in Frankfurt on the road: tram breakdowns due to police action

First reportage of Wednesday 4 May, at 22:46: The night before the Europa League final, the atmosphere in Frankfurt is slowly heating up. As confirmed by the Frankfurt police when asked, on Wednesday (4 May) numerous fans of West Ham United opponents were out and about in the pubs and bars of the main metropolis. The security forces, for their part, are demonstrating a massive presence, as announced.

The photos show, for example, a crowd of people in front of “O’Reilly’s”, an Irish pub in the station district. Around Frankfurt Central Station there are also tram disruptions in the evening. Lines 11, 12 and 14 are particularly affected. Background according to Verkehrsgesellschaft Frankfurt (VGF): the ongoing police operation.

Police officers secure the situation in Frankfurt's Bahnhofsviertel.  Due to the upcoming Eintracht semi-final, there will be numerous English football fans on Wednesday evening (04 May).
Police officers secure the situation in Frankfurt’s Bahnhofsviertel. Due to the upcoming Eintracht semi-final, there will be numerous English football fans on Wednesday evening (04 May). ©

Eintracht Frankfurt: The game casts shadows forward, only throwing a bottle as an obvious feature

A police spokesperson confirmed that an English football fan was hit by a bottle thrown at the central station and sustained minor injuries. Suspected pitcher: a supporter of Eintracht Frankfurt, who then towered over. For the rest, so far there have been no major disputes or clashes between the fan camps.

According to the police, the presence of the English fans at the moment is mainly reflected in their volume: “expressions of regret” on both sides cannot be ruled out. So far, nothing is known from Frankfurt of more serious incidents such as Wednesday evening (4 May), when hooded Eintracht fans are said to have attacked tourists from the West Ham pitch. (ag)

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