Edeka, Penny, Kaufland: Customers are desperate for prices

Edeka, Penny, Kaufland and Co: Customers are desperate: Now this product is also getting much more expensive

Edeka: The success story of the supermarket chain

Edeka: The success story of the supermarket chain

The Edeka Group is the largest supermarket chain in Germany. Edeka AG & Co. KG was founded in Leipzig in 1907. Today it is headquartered in Hamburg.

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price increase a Edeka, Penny, Kaufland echo.

A popular industry was again hit by rising prices. For many customers of Edeka, Penny, Kaufland and Co a bitter message.

Edeka, Penny, Kaufland and Co – the favorite product of many customers is getting more and more expensive

Summer is upon us and the price of one of the most popular drinks in Germany is on the rise: beer. Products in supermarkets have been getting more expensive for months: numerous sectors have already been hit by price increases. High energy prices, delivery bottlenecks and shortages of raw materials also impact the brewing industry.


This is Edeka:

  • Edeka was founded in Leipzig in 1907
  • Edeka stands for purchasing cooperative dhe grocer
  • Edeka’s headquarters are in Hamburg
  • Turnover: 61 billion euros (2020)
  • 402,000 people work in Edeka (as of 2020)


Whether it’s after work, football or a barbecue, beer is one of the most popular alcoholic beverages in Germany. However, as “Express” reports, beer sales have dropped significantly over the past two years. The previous year by 5.5 percent, more recently by 2.2 percent. The outlook for brewers gives no reason for hope.

Edeka, Penny, Kaufland and Co: higher prices for beer

The brewing industry feels compelled to act and the first breweries have already raised their prices. Krombacher and Veltins presented on 1 April 2022. Radeberger and Bitburger will follow in May. According to industry experts’ estimates, the beer crate with 20 half-liter bottles could cost around one euro more for the big Pilsner brands. Not exactly a little, after all, the Germans drank an average of 84 liters of beer per capita in 2021.

Even switching from branded to nameless products doesn’t bring much savings to customers: in early April, the price of a six-pack of Aldi Karlskrone brand Pils increased by ten cents, according to “Express”.


More news on Edeka, Penny, Kaufland echo:


The German Association of Brewers explained that breweries and restaurateurs are still far from their pre-pandemic sales figures. Will it change in the face of rising prices? (jdo)

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