Edeka, Kaufland & Co .: News in May! Customers should note THAT

Edeka, Kaufland and Co .: Change in May! Customers have to adapt to this

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In May, the price tags a Edeka, Kaufland and Co. gradually changed. It is not about raising prices, but about a law.

The new law wants to clarify. supermarkets like Edeka or Kaufland now you need to pay attention to some things when quoting prices. You can find out what this means and what customers need to pay attention to here.

Edeka, Kaufland and Co. exchange price tags: THAT’S NEW

A new law will come into effect on May 28th. This means that supermarkets must now indicate the simplified base price for each product in order to create more transparency. This was reported by the Chip consumer portal.

Until now, supermarket shelves have always indicated how much 100 grams, 100 milliliters, a liter or a kilo of a product would cost. Which changes in May. From that moment on, only the price per kilo or per liter can be specified.


This is Edeka:

  • Edeka was founded in Leipzig in 1907
  • Edeka stands for Andbuying cooperative dis KColonial merchandise trader
  • Edeka’s headquarters are in Hamburg
  • Turnover: 61 billion euros (2020)
  • 402,000 people work in Edeka (as of 2020)


Edeka, Kaufland and Co .: More transparency in purchases: this is the basic price

This changes a lot. For products weighing less than 250 grams or milliliters, the price may be indicated in advance per 100 grams, the same applies to bulk goods. Now it’s over: all products must be sold with a price per kilo.


Other topics from the supermarket:


The base price shows the price of a product per kilo or liter. This makes it easier to compare the price of different products. This base price is not always easy to find. To find it, you have to look very closely at the price tag – that’s where it usually hides.

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