Edeka is struggling with bottlenecks: these products are currently particularly scarce

Currently Edeka customers are again faced with empty shelves. Due to a change in delivery, private label mineral water is particularly scarce in many places. According to the supermarket, the problems are expected to be resolved by the end of May.

Edeka customers are currently having to reckon with the gaps on the shelves again. As the “Lebensmittel Zeitung” reports, private label mineral water is becoming scarce in many places. The reason for this is a change in procurement.

So far Altmühltaler (Schäff Group) has been the usual supplier. In a relatively short-term campaign, however, this has now changed. From now on Hansa-Heemann, Hochwald-Sprudel and Riha-Wesergold will take care of the water supply.

Edeka’s water bottlenecks: delivery problems with new partners

In Edeka there are currently bottlenecks in the mineral water.
In Edeka there are currently bottlenecks in the mineral water.

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Apparently, some partners can’t deliver on such short notice. That is why there are currently bottlenecks. According to Edeka, these should be cleared by the end of May.

The change occurred because it was not possible to reach an agreement with Altmühltaler on the future conditions. According to Edeka, a “delivery is offered at a purchase price.” [worden]which was higher than the retail price of the competition. “The price of the 1.5-liter PET bottle, which had already increased in March from 19 to 25 cents, could not have been maintained.

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