Economy: EKS gets down on its knees: goes out of business with 230 employees – Sonneberg / Neuhaus

However, when comparing the years 2019 (EUR 19.146 million) and 2020 (EUR 17.625 million), sales decreased by EUR 1.5 million. Although there was a deficit of € 6.3 million in 2019, the deficit was smaller in 2020, but still reached € 4.2 million. Consequently, the concern can be read by looking back to 2020: “World trade in particular, which is important for the EKS, has grown weaker and weaker. In addition to markets in China and other Asian countries, developed economies have also been affected. The ongoing international trade conflicts (in particular between China and the US) contributed to this. The weakest development in industry (as well as in energy supply) was particularly pronounced in Germany “.

The Italian group Seves, in which EKS has been involved since 2007, recently contributed capital to Sonneberg. But what in 2020 was considered a cautious hope, that is that competitors would give up and this opens up opportunities to increase their market share, has not come true. Conversely, EKS himself now appears to be a notorious underdog in the adjustment process in the industry. According to employees, Seves separated from its branch in southern Thuringia in autumn 2021. PPCInsulators is currently the leader on the EKS website, with four production sites, 800 employees worldwide, and an office in the Austrian capital of Vienna.

bad news

Heiko Voigt expressed her dismay at the bad news Monday night. On the sidelines of a business meeting in the state capital, the director of the city of Sonneberg was briefed on the surprising decisions. Voigt announced that on Tuesday he would immediately seek talks with local management. It should be considered whether the city can provide some form of assistance to cushion the consequences for employees a little. With a blow to the neck for the Sonneberg sales office, it has to be done again: “At the moment these are all extremely negative influences that are raining down on us from the outside, which we cannot change, but which we still have to deal with on site.”

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