Eco-lounge for the new Tesla Supercharger in Bavaria>

One of about 80 new charging stations Tesla wants to put into operation this year, according to its web location map, is one on the A7 west of Nuremberg. In fact, it has been open since last week, according to information in Tesla navigation at bk Services in Endsee. Aside from real estate company bk Group, founded in 1999 according to its website, and now Supercharger, there doesn’t seem to be much in the village of 111 residents. However, it could become an attraction, as the host has set up a modern eco-lounge for electric car buyers. Furthermore, this should be just the beginning, as bk is planning 300 upgrades of these charging points across Europe.

Modular room for Tesla Supercharger

In a press release, the two founders of the company say they came up with the idea themselves during an overnight charging stop. Remote parking lots, restrooms with rest area charm and laptops in your lap sum up the experience that’s actually common today when charging electric cars. On site in Endsee, they counteracted this with their bk World: made up of modules, it should be able to be built, modified and expanded quickly. According to the announcement, it currently offers restrooms and a comfortable lounge area where refrigerated food can be purchased from vending machines at the Tesla headquarters. Natural building materials and rooftop photovoltaics are meant to ensure that each of these lounge worlds avoids more CO2 emissions than it produces during its period of use.

The project appears to have something to do with Tesla only to the extent that bk made the attractive location available directly off the A7. However, according to a site for homeowners, Supercharger stations ideally require restrooms and food as well, so the lounge floors fit in well with Tesla’s requirements. But according to the real estate company, he should definitely not stay with one: the opening of 300 bk Worlds in Europe is scheduled for the next five years, he writes. This should take place “in the charging parks of the major charging station operators and energy suppliers”, so obviously not only with or at Tesla.

More convenience when charging electric cars

So far, the Supercharger network has been greatly optimized for rapid growth without large extra demands, but Tesla in Germany already has some flagship stations, such as Hilden’s. At the same time, independent charging station operators such as EnBW and electric car manufacturers such as Audi are increasingly seeking points by placing greater emphasis on convenience when charging at their stations.

This should be fine for customers, as long as the most basic function of the current recording is not forgotten. However, as an analysis by charging app provider Elvah recently showed, things still look moderate in Germany: Outside of the Tesla network, 8-10% of charging stations are said to fail. reliable. If electric cars are to spread as the government wants, things urgently need to be improved, Elvah’s management explained on this result. But the fact that companies like the bk group also take care of a more pleasant environment when charging can certainly not hurt in the long term.

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