Easyjet emergency landing: the pilot has disappeared into the toilet

An Easyjet pilot feels uncomfortable in flight. He goes to the bathroom and doesn’t come back. Then the plane must make an emergency landing.

  • Passengers on Easyjet flight 6938 will probably not forget this flight
  • While traveling from Crete to Edinburgh, the plane suddenly has to make an emergency recharge
  • The reason: the driver of the car had disappeared into the bathroom and never returned

A nightmare for every air traveler: an alarm sounds at a dizzying height. Worse still: passengers on a flight from Crete to Edinburgh in the early hours of last Sunday probably didn’t know this was an extreme warning sign, a call for help only for the extreme emergency.

As the British “Daily Mirror” reports, the EasyJet EZY6938 machine was on its way from Heraklion in Greece to Edinburgh. But suddenly the screech o Alarm code “770”. This is only sent in the worst emergencies. Such requests for help are sent, for example, in the event of an engine breakdown or medical emergencies.

Easyjet machine: the pilots worked 13 hours

What happened? According to the “Daily Mirror”, the departure from Heraklion had already been postponed several times. The flight was delayed for that very reason. The reason for the alarm, however, was probably that the pilots had been completely overwhelmed. The pilot and his co-pilot had been on duty for over 13 hours.

A passenger told the British news portal The Scottish Sun his remarks: “The captain is at home Toilet left and never got out. “The passengers were initially not informed of the exact difficulties. Eventually the co-pilot had to make an emergency landing in Edinburgh.

Emergency landing: the co-pilot must intervene

Only after the flight did the passengers get relief through the loudspeakers that emergency landing it had to happen because of the sick pilot.

Confirmed to the Daily Mirror EasyJet the incident: “EasyJet can confirm that flight EZY6938 from Heraklion to Edinburgh required an early landing due to the captain’s discomfort on the approach to Edinburgh.”

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