E-cargo bike with truck gimmick: cleverly overturned the law


This e-cargo bike can do more than just load up your weekly shopping. Thanks to an unusual frame design, the e-bike called Envision Streek bypasses a legal obstacle.

It sounds unusual, but it’s practical – the Streek electric cargo bike can be charged. (Source: manufacturer)

  • The Envision Streek Electric Cargo Bike can store bags and items on two levels.
  • This reduces the overall length of the e-bike and allows for agile handling.
  • It has also been designed for the Japanese market, where bicycles and e-bikes cannot exceed 1.90 meters in length.

We have seen a lot of crazy e-bikes. The Cargo Bike Envision Streek is one of them, as it offers a strange sight. But the unusual chassis design has a very practical background, namely maximizing cargo volume.

Presentation of the E-Cargo Bike Street

Furthermore, in Japan, the country of origin of the manufacturer Envision, there is a legal limit on the length of the bicycle. It must not exceed 1.90. So the three-wheeled Envision Streek builds up instead of length. The 1.89 meter long bike should maintain its maneuverability even in dense city traffic.

You can load large items in the generous space between the loop frame. Alternatively, the bags can be attached and, as usual with some truck trailers, a second load level can be inserted. The frame offers several attachment points for this purpose. Two individually cushioned, spring-loaded front wheels improve ride comfort. The maximum payload is 60 kilograms. The e-bike itself weighs 32 kilograms unloaded.

Infinite Bike

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E-bikes and crazy bicycles

E-bikes and crazy bicycles

Technically, the e-cargo bike offers motor-side pedal assistance with a power of 250 watts up to 25 km / h. So you can ride the cargo bike in Germany too. According to the manufacturer, the battery capacity of 374 watt hours should allow a range of between 50 and 120 kilometers.

price and availability

Envision has been working on numerous prototype cargo bikes since 2016. The plan was to sell the model ready for production by early 2022. The pandemic and supply chain difficulties laid the foundation for the works. The bike should now appear “soon”. The target price of just under € 2,800 is lower than other cargo bikes. We present you other e-bike highlights of the year in the linked article.

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