Due to the war in Ukraine: Fast food chains are raising their prices

Burgers from McDonald’s and Burger King now cost over five euros.Picture: dpa / Oliver Berg

The days of the one euro burger are over. Food prices aren’t just rising in supermarkets – Fast food chains and takeaway restaurants also pass higher costs on to their customers.

Due to the Russian war of aggression in Ukraine, the prices of energy and food products such as oil, wheat, soy and meat are rising. As a result, Burger King, McDonald’s and other fast food chains have increased the prices of their products considerably.

Over five euros for fast food burgers

“Energy costs, such as electricity and natural gas, are a major driver of prices, and for other commodities such as beef, the 50 percent price increase was sometimes even greater,” he said. affirmed the Federal Association of System Gastronomy, to which Burger King and also the North Sea belong, compared to “Chip .de”.

For all hamburger dishes at McDonald’s and Burger King, more than five euros are currently owed. For comparison: the classic Big Mac and the standard Whopper now cost € 5.49 – according to “” this is 90 cents more than two years ago and 50 cents more than last year.

And even small takeaways suffer from delivery bottlenecks: Where until recently you could order a doner kebab for 3.50 euros, today you sometimes pay between five and six euros.

Delivery bottlenecks due to war in Ukraine

Many countries depend on imports from Ukraine. For example, Germany gets 90% of its sunflower oil needs from the country. But due to the war, trade relations are currently suspended. A sharp rise in demand from hamster purchases also results in bottlenecks and empty shelves.

Sometimes there are large gaps in oil platforms.

Sometimes there are large gaps in oil platforms. Bild: rtn – radio tele nord / rtn, frank bründel

Germany’s dependence on Russia’s oil, coal and gas imports also plays an important role. The development of alternative trade routes should help reduce this dependence, but until then, prices will continue to rise.

French fries are becoming more expensive due to insufficient harvests

But not only the war in Ukraine is responsible for customers having to dig a little deeper into their pockets for their burgers: Crop failures are also responsible for rising prices. In 2021, for example, the potato harvest was poor due to the weather. The Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture reported that there was a 9.2% decline in crop yield from the previous year due to the cold spring and changing summer weather.

A serving of King Pommes currently costs a whopping € 3.29 – last year the fried snack was only € 2.79. This incurs an additional 50 cents. At McDonald’s, you also pay 3.69 euros for a large portion of fries.


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