Drop in capacity in high season: Easyjet cancels more flights due to staff shortages

Ability to fall in high season
Easyjet is canceling more flights due to staff shortages

In the height of the travel season, the low-cost airline Easyjet is compressing its offer. This is said to be a precautionary measure against the expected flight chaos in the summer due to a severe shortage of staff. According to one analyst, the resulting additional costs to the airline should make a significant difference.

Low-cost airline Easyjet is canceling additional flights due to severe staff shortages at airports and on board. According to the company, this will entail a cost burden and more costs would be incurred than previously estimated in the forecast, without providing specific figures.

Analyst Alex Irving of Bernstein Research estimates that the additional costs due to the outages are between 100 and 200 million British pounds (up to almost 233 million euros). Easyjet now expects a capacity of around 87% in the third quarter (end of June) compared to the pre-pandemic times, instead of the 90% previously forecast. In the fourth quarter, this is expected to recover slightly to 90 percent, but not below the previously forecast 97 percent.

Airports had reduced staff during the pandemic, which are now lacking in the summer travel season. The two major airports for Easyjet, London Gatwick and Amsterdam Schiphol, have recently canceled flights due to lack of staff. Due to the lack of forces there were problems with maneuvering on the ground. But air traffic control delays are also among the current challenges. Easyjet is therefore taking preventive measures to stabilize processes in the summer months, explained Easyjet boss Johan Lundgren.

From April to June, the British airline has around 22 million passengers on around 140,000 flights. According to Easyjet, the number of passengers in April and May was seven times higher than in the same months last year.

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