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V.Last week, Opel took the top spot in new electric car registration statistics for its Corsa. Of course, this is only one fifth of the truth. This is true for May, but if you look at the current year, the Fiat 500 E is more than 3,300 units ahead of the Opel: 8,305 new Fiat 500 E’s delight the German roads, but only 5,030 electric Corsa’s. However, this does not make Fiat the best-selling electric car; the Tesla Model 3 leads here with over 10,000 units from January to May. The Hyundai Kona E, Tesla Model Y, VW ID4 / ID 5 and BMW i3 are also ahead of the Corsa.

For us, Fiat is undoubtedly one thing: the most beautiful electric car on the market. And the only one that has a convertible feel with its soft top that slides right up to the trunk lid. You quickly learn that all or nothing is better. Partially open, it pulsates unpleasant inside. For the sunroof there is a surcharge of 3000 euros. A good third of customers believe the investment is worthwhile. Without the subsidy, the 500 C with its 42 kWh battery comes in at just under € 33,000. The engine delivers 118 hp and offers 220 Nm of torque.

This is sufficient for many situations in life and is sufficient for a maximum and limited speed of 150 km / h. The relatively low consumption of a minimum of 14.1 kWh per 100 kilometers is surprising, compared to an average of 15.3. This results in a range of nearly 300 kilometers, which we tested once when we maxed out the battery to a 2% charge level. But we have always driven very cautiously and never faster than 100-110km / h on the motorway.

A small car of 3.63 meters

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driving report

Fiat 500 EC

Fiat can charge up to 85 kW to the DC column, we only used AC. When plugged into the home outlet, the discharged battery is almost fully charged overnight. Sure, the 500 is a small car of 3.63 meters and not a space saver.

But it sits well in front, everything is worked cleanly, the interior is certainly no less chic than the exterior. A Tesla driver who first sat in a Fiat said only curtly: “It’s made better than my car and the doors close so tightly.” The uninterrupted success of the little Fiat is by no means due to its outward appearance.

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