Driving and life report Bürstner Campeo Black Forest

D.In addition to the classic VW bus formats, the entry into the world of caravanning is represented by campers, vans converted with windows obtained in the sheet metal body and which are consequently enlarged inside. They currently account for a good half of new vehicle sales. Six meters of outside length is a good, compact fit and doesn’t put a strain on newcomers when it comes to handling and parking. The described Bürstner Campeo Black Forest is also such a six-meter van. But it is also available with a length of 6.40 meters. A classic size of a mobile home is seven meters.

Let’s admit we’ve never been on the road with fewer than these seven, so you can enjoy the comfort of a rear bike garage and sleep long and not sideways. Smaller means more modest, and that doesn’t have to be a bad thing. But RVs still have gullwing doors from their former purpose of delivery vans, by contrast, classic RVs are closed at the back. If the swing door is open, you can see the half-height lying area, with space for luggage underneath.

Children up to 1.55 meters in height can sleep lengthwise on the bed, two adults can get along well. You shouldn’t be taller than 1.90 meters. Disadvantage: It is difficult to get up at night without disturbing the other person. The bathroom is on the left in the direction of travel. “Smaller than an airplane bathroom,” grumbled the partner. But it is very functional. The folding door can be closed when you sit on the niche, the shower works better than expected. The water gets nice and warm, but the jet is a bit weak. In general, it is important to be very organized, because otherwise the coexistence quickly ends in chaos.

Reduced storage space for longer trips

To the right of the bathroom is a small half-height wardrobe for three or four jackets. Storage space is limited for longer trips. In the “bedroom” there are four small wall units, two more are located upstairs in the kitchen, which with three large drawers under the two-burner stove and small sink offers enough space for storing kitchen utensils and provisions. The refrigerator, which closes the kitchen block, is also small (90 liters). The door opens in the direction of travel, which on the one hand can be perceived as a disadvantage, but on the other hand you can reach out to have a drink from the outside (sliding door on the right).

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