Dissatisfaction with Grünheide’s Tesla: Employees leave the company

Critique of Elon Musk
Dissatisfaction at the Tesla plant in Grünheide: employees leave the company

Tesla employees will attend the inauguration of the factory in Grünheide, near Berlin, at the end of March

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At the Tesla plant in Grünheide, dissatisfaction is spreading among employees. The mood is changing mainly due to the wage inequality. Trade unionist Birgit Dietze reports that the employees would then leave the company.

Tesla is repeatedly criticized for her working conditions. Now this is having a negative effect on the situation in the Grünheide Gigafactory. “We feel that more and more people are leaving Tesla and some are returning to their old employers,” unionist Birgit Dietze said in an interview with “Spiegel”.

Because new hires would be paid better than other employees. While hiring, pay or working conditions are also improved. “It’s not funny when others suddenly make more money than you with the same job and qualifications,” Dietze told the news magazine.

However, the unionist does not believe that the job cuts of ten percent of the workforce announced by CEO Elon Musk will also affect the Grünheide plant. Why this should be further expanded. Especially since there is a shortage of skilled workers in the region. “We are receiving more and more feedback from the workforce that hiring skilled workers is not meeting their goals. This increases the pressure on the existing workforce and the atmosphere.”

Elon Musk has no choice but to raise salaries at Tesla

Tesla is “a special employer”, for example in his innovations, the image of wanting to save the climate and his financial power. But there is another important point for employees: “What does my employer ask me, how much will I be charged?” It’s all about performance and consideration, “and this is where Tesla’s gnashing is getting a little louder,” says Dietze.

Therefore, the works council must now find “a form of joint collaboration” with the company. The trade unionist is certain: “The question of different wages will be a real challenge. Now there is inflation and then the increases in our next round of collective bargaining, which also includes the auto industry. There is so much pressure on of it that Musk can’t do anything, there will be no choice but to drastically increase salaries soon. ”

Finally, Dietze says, “Without a collective agreement, Tesla’s workforce will always remain below the pay level of other auto companies.”

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