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The Frankfurt Public Prosecutor’s Office searched the premises of the Suzuki car manufacturer in Bensheim. The company is suspected of installing illegal defeat devices in diesel vehicles. At the center also the parent company Opel Stellantis.

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Suzuki research for diesel handling devices

Entrance to a commercial building complex.  At the border a stele with the Suzuki logo.

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The public prosecutor in Frankfurt, together with the Italian and Hungarian investigative authorities, raided the commercial premises of the car manufacturers Suzuki, Stellantis and the Japanese group Marelli on Wednesday. There was also a foray into the Suzuki branch in Bensheim (Bergstraße).

Diesel fraud?

The Public Prosecutor’s Office accuses Suzuki of having sold by 2018 more than 22,000 SX-4 S-Cross, Swift and Vitara vehicles with 1.3L, 1.6 and 2.0L DDiS EURO 6 engines, in which it is believed was an illegal manipulation device installed was installed. Authorities are investigating alleged fraud, air pollution and aid against those responsible for the three companies.

The manipulation device is said to have resulted in exhaust gas cleaning mechanisms being “massively reduced or shut down, so vehicles in real operation would have to emit significantly more nitrogen oxides than allowed,” the office said. of the public prosecutor of Frankfurt. Customers were deceived, it was not revealed to them that the cars did not meet the requirements for Euro 6 homologation.

Searches across Europe

The engines came from the FCA group, which in 2021 merged with the parent company Opel PSA in Stellantis. The Marelli group would have supplied the engine control software.

In addition to Suzuki in Bensheim, there were other searches of business premises in Heidelberg, Corbetta in Italy and Esztergom in Hungary. According to the prosecutor’s office, the investigators were looking for communication data, software and planning documents. One cooperates with the investigating authorities, reads a statement from Suzuki Germany GmbH.

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