DHL: Shipping of packages will be more expensive for private customers

Parcel service provider DHL is raising prices for shipping most packages and parcels for private customers. From 1 July a DHL package up to 2 kg will cost € 5.49 for domestic shipping instead of the previous € 4.99. The price for the DHL Päckchen M (up to 2 kg) will therefore be 4.79 EUR, previously it cost 4.50 EUR in the DHL branch and 4.39 EUR online.

The logistics company has so far differentiated nationally between the price customers have to pay at the branch and the price due in the DHL app or website. DHL is now eliminating these price differences to reduce complexity. In the future, Päckchen and Paketmarken purchased online for domestic shipping will cost as much as those purchased in the branch. The package up to 2 kg is still only available online.

The branch price for the package up to 5 kg most used by private customers will cost € 6.99 instead of € 7.49 in the future, while the brand purchased online for this package will cost € 1 more. Packets and plus packages are also getting a little more expensive due to rising card costs. The parcel up to 10 kg in the future will cost € 9.40; that was also the price in stores until now, online the brand cost 1 euro less. The parcel up to 31.5 kg will cost 16.49 euros as before.

As prices rise, DHL is reacting to the significant increase in freight and wage costs, as well as other general cost increases.

In the international parcel industry, most prices remain in the nearly 40 parcel and parcel categories (see price list in the PDF download), branch and online prices remain substantially different and are becoming for the most part more expensive, especially in the DHL branch. In this case, direct electronic data entry brings with it cost advantages for the group, which it intends to pass on to customers. Price increases are sometimes significant. In the future, a parcel up to 31.5 kg for the USA at the branch will no longer cost 105.99, but 209.99 euros.

According to DHL, it is reacting here “to the sometimes extreme increase in flight fares and the significant increase in the costs that overseas delivery partners charge Deutsche Post DHL for the delivery of shipments containing goods (so-called” terminal fees ” under the Universal Postal Agreement) “.


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