Devastated, highly praised by Magath – BZ Berlin

Most of the colleagues were already in the locker room when Luca Wollschläger was still on the pitch and kept banging his fist on the Bielefeld pitch.

The 19-year-old had been a Bundesliga footballer at Hertha BSC for only ten minutes when he unwittingly made his way into many annual reviews with Maximilian Mittelstädt.

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On the counterattack he puts the ball on Mittelstädt, who was six years older than him and who instead of shooting at the goal puts it back in place, but Luca Wollschläger had already turned away. Instead of scoring 2-0, Hertha conceded a draw in injury time.

Veteran coach Felix Magath, nearly 50 years older than his discovery in the storm, cleared the teenager of all guilt. “I have no idea why he should be paralyzed,” Magath said. Wollschläger “He had a great game on his debut and everything I wanted. I was so happy with his performance, you can’t imagine it.”

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He gave Mittelstädt the responsibility for the big missed opportunity. “You have to smile a little at how you can throw away such an opportunity,” said Magath. “I was surprised that in a situation like this one thought of passing the ball again.”

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