Deutsche Post: price to scream! DHL increases the costs for these products

Deutsche Post: Price hammer from July! DHL increases the shipping costs for these products

Deutsche Post will raise prices from next month. (archive image)

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German postal service– Attention customers!

In the next month, the company will raise its prices. In July you have to for a specific one German postal service-Service shell out more money.

Deutsche Post is raising prices

“After six years of price stability in the international parcel sector, price changes are also expected for some cross-border parcels and small parcels from Germany,” explains Deutsche Post.

According to “RTL news,” the company is turning some price screws. So far, customers have been able to save money by pre-ordering the Päckchen and Paketmarken online. This is the end.


This is the Deutsche Post DHL Group:

  • Postal and parcel service providers as well as international express service providers, shipping, e-commerce and supply chain management
  • From 1998 to 2002, the gradual acquisition of DHL by Deutsche Post AG
  • Group with approximately 550,000 employees in 220 countries
  • 66.8 billion euros in turnover in 2020


S and M size packages receive a uniform price, regardless of whether online or at the branch, and that price increases.

From July, EUR 3.99 will be charged for sending small parcels. For a larger copy, customers will soon have to pay € 4.79 instead of € 4.39.

Deutsche Post: the company justifies its decision

On the other hand, the price for the frequently used 5kg package has gone down. Shipping in the next month will cost only € 6.99 instead of € 7.49.


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According to “RTL news”, Deutsche Post wanted to counter the price increase with this decision. The company is facing increased paper costs and significantly higher transportation and labor costs. (nb)

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