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Stuttgart – Despite difficult economic conditions, Porsche’s Executive Board sees no reason to cancel the planned IPO.

Preparations were in full swing, CEO Oliver Blume said in a double interview with CFO Lutz Meschke of the “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung” (Friday). Concerns about the economy, the stock market environment and the war in Ukraine would also not deter Porsche from the project.

“In the past, we have been solid and financially strong in every crisis,” Blume said. Investors wanted stable values. There is a lot of capital in the market.

►Meschke referred to the first quarter results: sales are up despite declining sales, more expensive models are up, operating income was 1.5 billion euros. “The return on sales was over 18%. These values ​​are excellent prerequisites “.

Executives criticized Volkswagen’s parent company Cariad software division and called for a change of strategy. “In this complex world, you can no longer do everything alone,” Meschke appealed to Cariad. You have to work with the right partners.

“Ultimately, the customer is there and wants to seamlessly bring their digital world to Apple or Google in the car.” Cariad is used as a basis and “together with partners will develop exactly the functions in the infotainment or automated driving area that our customers want”. .

Blume said: “The group benefits when Porsche uses its degrees of freedom.” This brings added value to all parties. Porsche no longer wants to wait for the new 2.0 operating system, which has been postponed to 2026. This is why some models are lagging behind. The sports car maker is now relying on the 1.2 system, which starts with the all-electric Macan.

Blume also voiced criticism: There were “software delays” in starting Macan. Porsche cannot be satisfied with this.

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