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Leipzig – Saturday afternoon, football derby in Leutzsch, chemistry welcomes Lok. And while the ball is still spinning, what many feared happens: riots in the regional championship! Eventually, eight police officers are injured.

The police helicopter has already been in flight since noon, 150 officers check the approach of about 500 locomotive fans. The first escalation then in the 1st half. A column of black smoke above the chemistry fan block, Bengalos, fire!

Thick smoke rises from the locomotive block.  A banner reads

Thick smoke rises from the locomotive block. A banner reads “Fight the Enemy”

Photo: Michael Taeger / Jan Huebner

When the police approached the block with cameras to record video for evidence, the officers were met with pure hatred. The thugs throw everything they can get at the police officers: slats, beams, planks, chairs, whole tables! A video from the fan block shows officials fleeing the crazed football crowd. “Colleagues withdrew to reduce escalation,” police said diplomatically.

Were the riots and the attack on officials planned?

While in other stadiums meticulous attention was paid to removing lighters and potential bullets from fans before entering, the building materials were close at hand in the Alfred-Kunze-Sportpark. According to the police, the fence was also prepared for a space storm! Later locomotive fans even fired rockets straight into the chemistry ranks, the black smoke rises again!

The barriers have turned into bullets

The barriers have turned into bullets

Photo: Michael Taeger / Jan Huebner

Hate and violence go into extra time after the game. Locomotive fans sing “songs that cheer people on” in the tram and around 20:50 60 chemistry fans attack the “Stellwerk” fan meeting point on Prager Strasse. Four locomotive fans are injured (including head trauma). Later there were also brawls on Connewitzer Strasse, during which victims were also stolen (including their EC cards).

The police managed to arrest four thugs, the names of 70 men were registered and criminal proceedings were launched against 20. One of the eight wounded officers is now unable to work.

Fans brick the tunnels of the stadium

Even before the match there had been provocations from the fans: the tunnel of the Leutzsch railway underpass would be walled up during the night by the BSG Chemie fans, so that the march of the Lok fans could not pass!

But the police arrived in the morning with a wheelbarrow and a hammer and removed the aerated concrete blocks. About 500 Azzurri fans were then able to pull out the so-called “mousetrap” as planned.

No passage in the

No passage in the “mousetrap”. The stadium underpass has been bricked up

Photo: Silvio Burger

Officials broke down the wall and stopped for a second

Officials broke down the wall and stopped for a second

Photo: Silvio Burger

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