Darmstadt takes second place and sends Aue to 3rd division

SV Darmstadt 98 has direct promotion in its own hands. Lilies quickly calmed down with a triple hit in the first half and sent Erzgebirge Aue back to third division after six years.

Having fun at work: Luca Pfeiffer and Braydon Manu (right).

Having fun at work: Luca Pfeiffer and Braydon Manu (right).
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Shoot – Goal, Shoot – Goal, Shoot – Goal: Between the 16th and 19th minutes the Böllenfalltor turned into a madhouse, every shot was a success and the relegation of the Erzgebirge Aue was soon sealed.

Darmstadt manager Torsten Lieberknecht had avoided a major rotation from a 2-1 win at FC St. Pauli, only Manu started for Mehlem (substitute) and turned to the right flank.

AUE coach Pavel Dotchev had to change his starting XI after the 2-2 draw against Rostock, as Owusu was out with his fifth yellow card and Jonjic and Majetschak were absent from the squad. Strauss, Gonther and Barylla ran to get him.

Violets could have kept the last glimmer of hope alive with just a triple, while lilies had the opportunity to leap to second place with a triple. And the Darmstadt team started motivated accordingly, put the Saxons under pressure right away and revealed strong differences in quality between the two teams.

Triple hit! Darmstadt dismantled Aue

These were also reflected in a series of individual errors of the Auer defense under pressure, which Lilien exploited coldly and created a party atmosphere in less than three minutes with Luca Pfeiffer (16 ‘), Skarke (18’ ) and Manu (19 ”). to Böllenfalltor.

The guests never recovered from this treble throughout the first half, instead the lilies missed a series of other first-rate occasions before Skarke’s 4-0 after a great preliminary work by Manus (39th).

Goal difference could also play an important role, especially in view of the close match for promotion, so Darmstadt took it seriously in the second round, Aue only defended to a limited extent. However, the net result lacked final grit, so much so that the two teams neutralized each other in midfield.

Little happens in the second half – Honsak follows suit

The Viola take advantage of this phase to make themselves a little more courageous, Zolinski misses the consolation goal by a few centimeters (65 °). Given the clarity of the result, Lieberknecht happily made substitutions, which did not even help the game, but should give the permanent staff some respite for the decisive games of the season.

And the wild cards gained self-confidence for the final stage as well: Luca Pfeiffer selflessly crossed the ball and gave substitute Honsak his third goal of the season (74th). But it’s not the last point: Kempe scored with a direct free kick in the corner of the goal (90 °) and completed the half dozen in a one-way match that finally sealed the relegation of the Viola.

goals and cards

1: 0L. Pfeiffer (16 ‘, left foot, Kempe)

2: 0Skarke (18 ‘, right foot, P. Tietz)

3: 0Manu (19 ‘, right foot, Kempe)

4: 0Skarke (39 ‘, right foot, Manu)

5: 0Honsak (74 ‘, left, L. Pfeiffer)

6: 0Kempe (90 ‘, first free kick, right shot)

SV Darmstadt 98


Erzgebirge Aue


referee team

Christian Dingert

Christian Dingert

game information


Merck Stadium in Böllenfalltor

Darmstadt climbs to second place thanks to the slips of competition from Bremen and St. Pauli and is a guest in Düsseldorf on Friday (18:30). The AUE, who must now return to the third division after six years in the second division, will host Werder Bremen on Sunday (13:30).

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