Cynora: Samsung Display buys OLED technology from Germany

Cynora: Samsung Display buys OLED technology from Germany
Image: Cynora, Dr. Harald Flugge

We improve OLEDs“Was the motto of the Cynora company based in Bruchsal in Baden-Württemberg. Samsung’s display subsidiary is obviously convinced of its material work to improve organic light-emitting diodes and, according to Bloomberg, has taken over Cynora for the equivalent of $ 300 million.

Although the acquisition has not yet been publicly announced, famed Bloomberg author Mark Gurman is apparently certain his sources are right. According to them, Samsung Display would have paid around $ 300 million for Cynora GmbH and thus acquired their technology for OLED displays, but not their staff.

TADF emitter for more efficient displays

Cynora has specialized in the development of thermally activated delayed fluorescence (TADF) type blue and green emitting materials and in March 2020 unveiled a blue fluorescent emitter that is said to work 15% more efficiently than its predecessors. The company marketed the new material under the name cyBlueBooster. cyUltimateGreen was presented in January 2021. A red counterpart has not yet been presented, but it is also possible on this basis.

TADF technology can be used efficiently for all red, green and blue OLED colors, something that has not been achieved by any other technology so far‘Cynora explained on her website, adding:’TADF combines the benefits of phosphorescence (high efficiency) and fluorescence (durability)“. The higher efficiency than previous solutions should reduce the power consumption of OLED displays.

One pixel of such an RGB OLED display consists of one blue, one green and one red subpixel. LG, on the other hand, relies on WOLED with white OLEDs and color filters. With Samsung’s new QD-OLED technology, only blue OLEDs are used as the backlight; Quantum dots are used here as color filters to generate green and red light as well. RGB OLEDs are used in AMOLED displays for smartphones.

Only the technology is detected

Samsung and LG had previously invested in Cynora. How OLED information reported, Cynora recently ran into financial difficulties and laid off her entire workforce a few weeks ago as part of the transaction. Samsung then only acquires the technology of the company, which has more than 700 patents on its flag.

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