Coronavirus – Switzerland. Swissmedic approves Covid 19 drugs for two years.

Swissmedic has granted US pharmaceutical company Pfizer temporary approval for its Covid 19 drug Paxlovid. (archive image)


The Swissmedic Institute for Therapeutic Products has approved the drug Covid 19 Paxlovid for a limited period of two years. The two tablets with two active ingredients may already be prescribed. They are for adult Covid-19 patients.

The manufacturer is US pharmaceutical company Pfizer, Swissmedic announced Wednesday. The Institute verified the application for approval in the continuous evaluation, in which Pfizer continuously collected and transmitted the necessary data.

Paxlovid is for adult patients who do not require supplemental oxygen or a hospital stay, but are at an increased risk of developing a severe course of Covid-19. Treatment should begin as soon as possible after diagnosis and within five days of the onset of symptoms. It lasts five days.

Combination of two active ingredients

Paxlovid consists of the two active substances nirmatrelvir and ritonavir, which are given as two tablets. They have an antiviral effect. According to Swissmedic, nirmatrelvir is a new active ingredient intended to inhibit a coronavirus enzyme important for its reproduction.

Ritonavir is added so that nirmatrelvir is broken down less quickly in the liver and its antiviral effect lasts longer. Ritonavir has been used in HIV therapy for over 20 years.

Pfizer has not provided data on its efficacy against the omicron variants of the virus, as Swissmedic further wrote. However, laboratory data would indicate that Paxlovid acts against omcron variants in the test tube.

With Paxlovid, six drugs for the treatment of Covid 19 diseases are approved in Switzerland for a limited or unlimited period.

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