Corona vaccine: Valneva quota plummets double-digit: Valneva bt criticizes the EU vaccination program before the end? | news

“In March we received a list of questions from the EMA, which we answered and sent immediately. At the time, we expected approval in April 2022. However, the EMA only responded eight weeks later and submitted a other list of questions we also answered As a result, approval was postponed for two months to June 2022, ”CEO Thomas Lingelbach said in an exclusive interview with“ Business Insider ”. The same application for approval was also sent to the UK approval authority, which had already approved it.

Valneva announced Friday that the EU was reducing its order quantities, but so much that “the sustainability of Valneva’s COVID-19 vaccination program” could not be guaranteed. Information from “Business Insider”, according to which the twelve million cans planned for Germany alone will be reduced to one million, indirectly confirms Lingelbach: “Of course I can’t say anything about the details, but the size is there”.

Lingelbach is convinced that the vaccination rate can be increased with his company’s inactivated vaccine: “A market study we conducted shows that we could increase the vaccination rate by one to two percent with our vaccination. Our conventional vaccine. it would also drive people who are skeptical about an mRNA vaccination up. I think it would be wrong not to get this option. ”

The manager added that he expected another corona wave in the fall and winter: “I think we can expect another significant corona wave. We can see that from the speed at which variants are developing – in my opinion, another one. outbreak cannot be prevented. ”

In Paris, Valenva shares temporarily fell by 19.73 percent to 8.388 euros.

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