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At the end of March, the Tesla plant in Shanghai, China had to stop production due to the new crown lockout. After a good three weeks, it was allowed to start over to a limited extent, but it was initially unclear how it worked and more importantly, there still weren’t enough Model 3s and Model Ys from China in Europe this quarter, or if there were any at all. But now concrete figures have been announced for Tesla’s Shanghai production for the remainder of April. And at least some electric cars from there are likely to reach Europe in May or June at the latest. Because on Wednesday the first ship with supplies from China left this quarter (updated, see below).

Tesla production in China is low in April

For December 2021, China’s automobile association CPCA recorded over 70,000 Tesla electric car sales from China’s Gigafactory for the first time in one month. This March, production would likely have been even higher after the slightly lower numbers in January and March, but in the middle of the month Tesla had to stop for two days and then again for longer. Instead of the entire workforce or more, there was only one shift a day available to restart in mid-April in a “closed loop” system.

Under the circumstances, the Chinese factory still produced 10,000 finished electric cars in the remaining 12 days of April, he said according to a Twitter message the deputy governor of the Pudong district, where the gigafactory is based, over the weekend. Mathematically, that would be a good 800 Model 3 or Model Y per day. Previously there was talk of a tentative target of 1,200 vehicles per day, but that could have been reached by the end of the month and surpassed in May.

The CPCA also released its official data on Tuesday. As a result, Tesla’s Chinese factory produced 10,757 electric cars in April, which is nearly 11,000 and slightly more than previously reported. Apparently 1512 of them were wholesaled. Normally this number gives a rough idea of ​​how many Model 3 and Model Y have been exported from China, but for April this is shown individually, as 0. The difference from the total corresponds to domestic sales in normal months, but according to CPCA regulations They also fall April data.

According to the CPCA, Tesla intends to break old monthly records in China by June at the latest. In addition to the existing factory there, which is now aiming for one million electric cars per year, another with half the capacity is expected to be added right next door. According to reports, the current Gigafactory will work again in two shifts from mid-May. However, it was recently claimed that corona-related issues at a supplier would mean that only 200 electric cars would be produced on Tuesday.

Regardless, there is once again reason to hope that the new Model 3 and Model Y can be delivered from China to Europe at the latest in May or June. German shoppers recently experienced a roller coaster ride here. Because a few days after the reboot, many of them were informed by Tesla that delivery in May was possible. Observers had even spotted a conceivable ship for it, but then headed for the wrong port. But Sunday was the time again: first as “very likely” and then as “confirmed” two naval experts reported that the Glovis Splendor was in Shanghai to bring Tesla supplies from there to Zeebrugge in Belgium – it would be the first delivery of this type. in the second quarter of 2022. In line with this, again received information from German customers who were currently promised delivery in May or June.

Ship launched from Shanghai to Europe

To update: According to a report, the first Tesla ship from China to Europe in the second quarter was also almost officially confirmed. Glovis Splendor left Shanghai early Wednesday after being loaded with 4,767 electric cars, according to Reuters news agency, the Shanghai Observer reported, citing customs officials. The destination is the port of Koper in Slovenia. This Friday, another 4,100 vehicles will cross the sea. Apparently, nearly all of Tesla’s production in April is for export.

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